100 Care Packages Delivered to The Solace Tree

We believe in the power of empathy and support, especially for those navigating the complex journey of grief. That's why we're honored to partner with organizations like The Solace Tree and contribute to their invaluable Good Grief Program.

Recently, we had the privilege of delivering our fluffy friends to The Solace Tree, where they found their way into the arms of children who are grieving a loss. The impact of our donation was profound, as shared by The Solace Tree.

🌳 Feedback from The Solace Tree:
"Aren't they beautiful!! All these babies have had the most horrific experiences! I want to share that when I handed these out I had the children tell their animal something no one knows about them! Their secrets were so emotional. BUT, because of your beautiful donation I was able to have an incredible discussion. We talked emotions, fears, joys all while these children cuddled their animals. They will forever remember Send A Friend as will I and the teachers and the counselors."

This touching feedback underscores the importance of these donation deliveries. While we may not be able to erase their pain, we hope that our small gesture of kindness brings moments of solace and support to those who need it most. 

To all our supporters who make these donations possible, your generosity is making a tangible difference in the lives of grieving children.

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