40 Care Packages Delivered to Casa de Amparo

SendAFriend is honored to support Casa De Amparo, an organization dedicated to providing healing, growth, and healthy relationships to those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect.

Casa's campus serves as a safe haven for 40 girls, aged 12-18, who have experienced severe abuse or neglect. As a Level 4 facility, Casa provides specialized treatment tailored to the unique needs of these girls, addressing issues such as abuse, teen parenthood, aggressive behaviors, and mental health challenges. Despite facing significant challenges, these resilient girls are seeking the care and support they deserve at Casa De Amparo.

These GiveAFriend care packages are intended to bring moments of joy and comfort to the kids during their time at Casa. Here's some feedback from Yesenia, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, at Casa de Amparo.

"I've heard so much good feedback from our youth so thank you again for donating to the Casa kids and for making them feel special. The youth have these in their rooms & some take them everywhere they go. This donation has really made the youth feel appreciated and the note in the box really meant a lot to our youth."


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