How We Began

Hi! My name is Tyler, I’m 19 years old, and I’m the founder of SendAFriend. I’m honestly extremely proud of this brand, the company, and everything that it stands for. Here’s a little bit of my story and how we began.

I always knew I wanted to start something with meaning. I’ve been a graphic designer for 4-5 years and have been working on startups and brands for about 2 years. Nothing fancy though, just your average print on demand stores, your t-shirt stores, Chinese drop shipping brands, etc. This was always great and all, but nothing ever gave me the satisfaction of knowing that the customers are making a difference with your product.

If you don’t know already, SendAFriend is a brand where you can anonymously send a stuffed animal with a personalized, handwritten note anywhere in the world. The whole concept is to help spread love, make people smile, and help raise some money for children’s hospitals.

The idea of happiness and making people smile is all I ever really wanted. I don’t like drama, I don’t like fighting, and I don’t like being sad or upset, ever (who does?). My whole thought with SendAFriend was to create an avenue that people could easily help spread this happiness and this joy to other people who may need it. Maybe your mom is going through a rough time, your sister just went through a breakup, or someone you know lost a loved one. Whatever it may be, I wanted to create a universal way to say “Hey, I’m thinking about you.”

The more I started thinking about this brand and this idea, the more and more I wanted to build it. I had launched brands before in a matter of weeks, but I knew I wanted to spend way more time on this one. I wanted to make sure this was the best brand I could possibly build. This all started in late 2017 and the brand actually started coming together in early 2018. I ordered samples and samples of stuffed animals, contacted multiple packaging companies, and got to work on the branding.

Overall, the branding, the packaging, and the products were the essentials of the company. I wanted the brand to have the most light-hearted, uplifting appearance it could. I wanted people to come to the site and instantly smile and smirk. I wanted the products to do the same. I wanted the packaging to have an eye-catching look to it. When someone receives an anonymous package from SendAFriend, I didn’t want the experience to be anything less than enjoyable. No plain brown cardboard boxes. No giant air bubble packaging. Everything should represent happiness and excitement in the best form.

I really hope that SendAFriend as a whole encompasses everything that I wanted it to. The happiness, the joy, the excitement of receiving a gift, the smiles being created, and most of all, the funds raised for charities. I really think I did a good job creating something that everyone can enjoy, and I hope you think the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read the story, if you’re interested in seeing more behind the scenes and personal perspectives of this brand, please check out the rest of the blog here.


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