Launch Day!

It’s launch day! Finally, after months and months of designing, product research, product testing, experimenting with packaging, and countless hours of website coding, we are here!

It feels so surreal to finally launch something with so much meaning. SendAFriend to me is more than just a business, it’s a way to express how I want to live my life and to hopefully spread that to others. It’s all about spreading love and positivity, making people smile, and making sure nobody feels alone. Pairing that with the donation model to charities was a huge thing for me too, and just another reason why I’m so excited to launch this brand.

Feel free to browse the website, check out the products, and send a friend to anyone in the world. We currently have 8 different stuffed animal friends to choose from, and as always, all packages arrive in the bright blue packaging that is sure to catch someone’s eye.

Thank you to everyone for helping with this brand and helping validate this idea for me. I’m ecstatic to be launching and can’t wait to see what this website can bring!


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