7 Fun Gifts for Dolphin Lovers

Gifts for Dolphin Lovers

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Dolphins are some of the friendliest and most intelligent creatures on the big blue marble we call Earth. Just ask your dolphin-loving friend or loved one and they will talk your ear off with fun dolphin facts. Speaking of which, don’t they have a big birthday or special celebration around the corner? If you know someone who is utterly crazy about dolphins, we know the perfect thing to give them. Here are seven fun gifts for dolphin lovers that are sure to make a splash and brighten their day.

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1. A Dolphin Stuffed Animal

It doesn’t matter their age. True dolphin lovers will always appreciate an adorable dolphin stuffed animal that they can hold and love. Kids and adults alike can benefit from stuffies. They can relieve stress and help boost the spirits of someone who might be feeling lonely. They may not be able to keep a pet dolphin in a pool in their backyard, but they can cuddle a dolphin stuffie and get the same benefits as a pet. And if your dolphin-obsessed friend lives far away, you send them a Doris the Dolphin stuffed animal care package, complete with other cute accessories, add-ons and even a personalized note. It’s sure to make them smile and shake their dorsal fins! 

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Cute Dolphin Stuffed Animals

2. A Dolphin-Themed Creative Art Project

Like holding a stuffed animal, a creative project relieves stress and offers many other healthy benefits. If you know what their favorite hobbies are, start there – but put a dolphin spin on it!  Dolphin coloring books, DIY dolphin key chains or even a dolphin paint-by-number – there are endless art projects out there that will make them smile. Plus, it will give your dolphin-loving friend or loved one a sense of accomplishment. 

3. Stick-on Dolphin Decals

Dolphin decals are great for sticking just about anywhere, too! Your dolphin-loving friend can apply the dolphin decal to their laptop or even on the rear window of their vehicle. If they live near the beach and own their own paddleboard or kayak, then a dolphin decal gift is a must! Just choose it in a contrasting color to pop off their water toys. 

4. A Dolphin Beach Bag

Speaking of getting out on the water, it’s fairly safe to assume that your dolphin-obsessed friend or loved one loves the beach, too! So why not get them a cute beach bag or tote with a dolphin design on the side to transport all their beach gear? Whether it’s as bright and colorful as a Lisa Frank design or something more subtle, classy and understated, give them a dolphin-themed tote bag to carry it all (including their dolphin beach towel and dolphin-printed sandals). Bonus points for binoculars so they can scan the ocean while sitting on the shore. 

5. A Dolphin Accent Light

Who needs sheep jumping fences when you can have dolphins jumping waves to help you fall asleep? Get your dolphin-loving special someone an accent lamp that puts off a soft and comforting glow to help them fall asleep. Another fun dolphin lighting option would be a neon rope wall light in the shape of a dolphin for their room or apartment. 

6. A Dolphin Fashion Accessory

If your dolphin lover has a sense of style, then present them with a dolphin-inspired fashion accessory. Whether that’s a dolphin charm bracelet or a dolphin pendant, jewelry makes a special gift. You could also gift them a dolphin-themed water-resistant phone case for the beach or a fun dolphin-themed hat to keep out the sun. You could even present them with a quirky and vintage ’80s era dolphin shirt. Whatever kind of accessory you can find, if it has a dolphin on it, they’ll love it!  

7. A Trip to Swim with Dolphins

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If the gift is for a special celebration or milestone, present them with a trip to swim with dolphins. Snorkeling or diving with dolphins would be nothing short of a dream come true for a dolphin-loving friend or loved one. Of course, make sure to choose an ethical dolphin swimming experience that doesn’t disturb their habitat or harm the animal they love. Look for experiences that participate in Dolphin SMART programs that ensure no harm comes to these majestic creatures. If you can pull it off, it will be an unforgettable gift they are sure to cherish. 

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