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Influencers like you are vital to our brand’s success. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for monetization opportunities or you’re an established influencer with millions of followers, you have a place in our SendAFriend family.

More Than a Transaction

Unhappy with the current “one-and-done” practice of shoutouts and brand deals, we wanted to develop a program that fosters true influencer-consumer connections and builds lasting relationships. Getting paid by some random brand to post a video and never hearing back from them again? No thanks. After all, this should be fun and beneficial for everyone, right?

What Do I Get?

You’ll begin your Creators Club experience by receiving a free SendAFriend care package. No cost, no fees. We believe creating content and monetizing your success should never cost money upfront. We want you to have the very same exciting experience our customers have when opening a SendAFriend care package -- just with a camera added in the mix 😉

A Creators Club membership entitles you to performance-based compensation, product discounts for friends and family, and an insider experience at SendAFriend. We often ask our creators for feedback, as we firmly believe the impactful members of our social media community have some truly phenomenal ideas.

The Process

Please carefully review the details and guidelines below. Signing up before reviewing the guidelines is strictly against the Creators Club Policy.

  • After you're onboarded, we’ll process your free care package in 2-3 business days. US members can expect delivery in about a week, and international members in 15 days.
  • Your box will arrive wrapped in an extra blue shipping paper to ensure the least damage during shipment. Our trademark light blue packaging is a signature part of our customer experience and we’d like it shown off as much as possible in your work! Be sure to remove the blue shipping paper before shooting any content.
  • It’s time to have some fun! After removing the paper, we encourage you to film your fluffy friend’s unboxing. As one of the most impactful moments of the SendAFriend experience, it’s definitely something worth sharing 😉
  • After creating your content, you’ll need to have it approved by your designated SendAFriend Content Manager, which usually takes a day or two. Our social media experience has allowed us to develop methods to optimize your content for maximum impact. That way, everybody wins 🚀
  • After double-checking our guidelines and finalizing your content, it’s time to post! Your first two posts should be shared within 30 days of receiving your package. Then, we’ll verify your submitted videos each month and send your payouts accordingly.

Guidelines & Expectations

We require our new Creators Club members to produce and post at least two (2) different videos within the first 30 days of receiving their product.

✨ Tag @sendafriendco or #SendAFriend whenever possible. This helps your viewers and followers easily find our brand and products!

💬 When possible, stay away from third party editors. Use your platform’s native editing and captioning abilities to describe the product and engage with the viewer.

🧠 Each of your videos should be unique. We suggest reviews, gift-giving, testimonials, unboxing, vlog-style, or dance videos. As long as the content fits the platform and our brand, we’re happy! Click here for some examples.

🗓️ Videos should be posted at least a day or two apart, not all at once. Spreading out your posts allows social media algorithms to test your video’s engagement with different audiences and viewers.

⭐️ We respect the fact that you know your audience best. Your content should portray your authentic self, and your video style should grab the attention of your viewers. Stay creative and let your personality shine through!

You will need to have your SendAFriend Content Manager approve any and all content before posting. More details on how to submit content after sign-up. 


SendAFriend offers a product that often goes viral, garnering hundreds of thousands or even millions of views on each post, even with smaller fan bases. We want performance-based bonuses to be simple, fair and mutually beneficial, regardless of your following.

The Creators Club compensates members using a tiered system based on views, which allows for a stacking bonus that increasingly rewards influencers based on the success of their content.

Video TiersWhen your video hits:
We pay you...👇
Lil' Fluff50K views$30 
Kinda Fluffy100K views$50 
Getting Fluffier250K views$75 
Super Fluff500K views$150
Mega Floof1M views$300
The Fluffiest5M views$500

With this system, you earn each bonus as your video hits the corresponding tier. All bonuses stack on-top of each other!

For example, if your video hits 250,000 views, you will earn the Lil' Fluff ($30), Kinda Fluffy ($50), and Getting Fluffier ($75) bonus for a total of $155. We pay out our creators within the first seven days of each month based on the previous month's views.

We love to reward our hard-working creators for making high-quality, unique content. If our team observes you producing Gold, Platinum, or higher tiered videos on a regular basis, you may become a candidate for a long-term contract or a creative position at SendAFriend!


At SendAFriend, we greatly respect and admire influencers like you. Made up of personal family and friends, our devoted team dedicates our work to our mission every single day. It would thrill us to have you as a part of it!

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