Deluxe Self Care Plushie Gift Box


A comforting gift perfect for tough circumstances or just to relax and unwind 💤 

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Your choice of 30+ adorable stuffed animals

Fluffy 50x60" blanket

Ivory guasha set

Wellness journal to excercise mindfulness

Premium lavendar tea bag

Enfusia lavendar bath soak

Adult-size fuzzy socks


Includes a FREE personalized greeting card

Ships from our warehouse within 2 business days

Is packaged in our blue "Someone Loves You" box

Delivers to your recipient within 5-8 business days

Perfect for Tough Circumstances, Special Occasions, or To Provide Love and Comfort

The Deluxe Self-Care Gift Box is best given when loved ones are going through a rough time, need a little extra love, or need a reminder to take care of themselves when the demands of this world are overwhelming.

It is the best thing someone could receive when they’ve had a rough week… Your gift will instantly brighten their day and last as a permanent reminder they are loved.

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“Surprises lead to a greater sense of happiness between two people”

“Surprises lead to a greater sense of happiness between two people”

You know the feeling of receiving something unexpected? How it can turn a bad day around?

The same is true for sending a gift. One researcher at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln foundThe delight of receiving and giving a surprise gift is an emotional peak for both the giver and the recipient.

Our Self Care Plushie Gift Box is the PERFECT way to surprise your loved ones and bring more happiness to you and them both.

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Orders leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days and usually arrive within 5-8 business days

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Gift items including a plush pig, wellness journal, socks, and inspirational cards on a table.



I love it SO MUCH!

My hustband adopted the dino for me and this set. The plush is SUPER soft and a great cuddler! The set is cute too, the socks are comfy and fit great,  I can't wait to use the bath soak it does smell amazing, and the herbal tea was so tasty! The blanket is SO SOFT! Overall he made me cry happy tears and after reading more into the site this is a great company to buy from. I can't wait to add more to the family! And my cat even loves the box it came in

Self-care gift set with plush, bath salt, tea, facial roller, gua sha, headband, journal, and socks.

Carla Garcia


Soo cozy and cute 

Me and 2 other friends ordered this  for a dear friend of ours who's last few months have been quite hard. He was supposed to arrive on May 30th but came in 3 days early!!! Needless to say, it was a lovely surprise and our friend was very happy. Thank you for helping us brighten our dear friend's day.

Self-care gift box with a plush penguin, facial roller, journal, and lavender scent on a wooden surface.

Brenda Martinez


Comfort and relaxation --  Perfection!

I received the self care bundle for Christmas this year. It was an asbolute delight! From the adorable plush to the comfy socks, tea, and bath soak—it's instant relaxation. Highly recommended for a quick mood boost! 

Sofia Tolosa Ramirez


Absolutely Love SendAFriend

I got my girlfriend this bundle with the turtle (we named him squirt) and  she loved it. She was  thrilled to receive the SendAFriend. She tells me the socks are very cozy. And it had the added benefit of arriving on a day that was going pretty rough for her. This gift did exactly what I'd intended.

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