5 Reasons Why You Should Send The "Love You to the Moon & Back" Care Package

1. Promotes Self Care

Being apart from our loved ones can be stressful, but it’s important to maintain self-care. A detoxing bath soak and new pair of comfy socks are sure to provide a bit of comfort.

2. Every Package Includes A Fluffy Stuffed Animal

Sending your significant other their favorite animal not only shows that you listen, but gives them a pal to talk to and cuddle with until you're back in their arms.

3. Who Doesn't Love A Surprise Gift?

Receiving a box that says "someone loves you" that's full of goodies is sure to brighten anyone's day. Just imagine their reaction when they see their new fluffy friend snuggled up in tissue paper.

4. It Shows You Care

It may sound silly, but sometimes we forget to communicate our feelings to those we love most. Trust us, a simple gesture such as a personalized notecard goes a long way.

5. Making the World a Better Place

In times like these, there are so many wonderful nonprofits in need of funding.  10% of total sales are donated directly to organizations that share our mission of making the world a better place.

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Such a cute bundle! I have gotten a few SendaFriends for my boyfriend and he loves them.

I ordered this for my long distance bff's birthday and she loved it, this is the second time i've used sendafriend and both times have been great.


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