At SendAFriend, we have committed ourselves to making it easy and simple for people to give these heartfelt gifts, offering a service where anyone can send stuffed animals anywhere in the world – along with a personalized, handwritten note. Gifts that are sure to put smiles onto the faces of anyone who receives them, the stuffed animals that we deliver through SendAFriend could be just what someone needs to pick them up when they're down or bring them up even higher when they're already doing well.

Adding to the loving and caring nature of SendAFriend, we also donate ten percent of every sale to benefit children’s hospitals around the nation. This is just our way of giving back when an individual purchases from & supports SendAFriend.

The response to SendAFriend has been extremely positive, but we know that we can expand our operation even further. We know that there are many more lives that we can touch and to do so, we need to get creative.

That is the thought process behind SendAWagon, a new program that we offer through SendAFriend. Similar to SendAFriend, SendAWagon is all about sending stuffed animals alongside personalized, handwritten notes. However, the SendAWagon shipments include dozens or even hundreds of stuffed animals sent to children’s hospitals -- all sponsored by local businesses within that hospital's community.

Perfect for businesses or organizations small and large, SendAWagon is a service that makes connecting and giving back to your local community a fast and straightforward endeavor. All you need to do to get started is select your SendAWagon package and pass on your information to us. We’ll handle everything for you, including writing the notes, fulfillment, shipment/delivery, tax deductions, and even including custom cards from your business or organization.

As a start-up in Missouri, we support business growth in the region, and we know what something like SendAWagon can mean to a business like yours. That’s why we are hoping to start local and work with any businesses, organizations, or hosptials in the southeast Missouri region.

With SendAWagon, you can give back too, doing your part to improve our community and spread love to children and families who are in a moment of great need.

Ready to work together?