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No Mountain is Too High

Say hello to Gus the Goat. Gus had climbed many times, always finding his way to the top. He had faced steep challenges before, but with the biggest mountain ahead, fear set in.

As he began his journey, Gus was a bit unsteady. Stumbling backwards many times, he struggled to find his footing and felt like he was going about things all wrong. Deciding maybe it was time to give up, Gus considered going back to familiar hills where he was sure to get to the top.

He had already made it so far. Instead of going back, Gus reconsidered his plan of attack. He reminded himself that he has always landed on his feet, even when things didn’t go as planned. There was no need to retreat.

With a boost of confidence, he kept climbing. It wasn’t easy, with slips and dips along the way, but Gus tackled the climb that day. He made it to the top and vowed to never doubt his ability again. Everything he needed, he was able to find within.

We’re all sure to stumble, but that doesn’t mean that our dreams should crumble. When it seems like the uphill climb is too tough, just remember that you are enough.

Have no fear, you’ve goat this!

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It's Your Time to Climb

Here to give you lots of hugs and maybe a little nudge, Gus the Goat wants you and all your friends to remember that you’ve got what you need to succeed. 🤗

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