125 Care Packages Delivered to Whispering Hope Ranch

Whispering Hope Ranch is more than a camp. It's a place of hope and healing for children with special needs, a place of possibilities and belonging, a place to experience the human-animal connection. SendAFriend was proud to send 125 of our adorable fluffy friends to a group of campers experiencing foster care or group homes.

Sweet note from a camp manager:
I can't express my gratitude enough for the Someone Loves You gifts. And they came at the perfect time. As you might know we start bringing down cabin decorations on Thursday night in order to be ready to leave on time Friday morning. Those gifts were presented to the children during Thursday evening as packing, cleaning, and bringing down decorations were in process. Every child enjoyed the gifts, faces brightened up with big smiles and the cuddly plush stuffed animals gave each child no matter what age great comfort. These gifts changed the whole mood of each cabin!! Attached are pictures of both the campers, whose faces are blocked by the stuffed animals and their counselors.

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