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I bought peaches for my fiance. I've been working more than usual lately and I wanted her to know I still love her, and peaches was perfect for her. My fiance absolutely loves this bear!

Sally the Strawberry Cow
Destiny Hutchinson

My adopted daughter loved it!!

Cooper the Cow
Everett Claud

Got the little guy for my fiancée, she absolutely loves him

Oakley the Owl
Jennifer Campbell

Momma loves her owl. She has him near her everyday.

Morris the Moose
Dianne Larrow
Morris The Moose

Bought this for my future son-in-law to welcome him into our family! It was so appropriate since he is a Moose officer. He absolutely loved it! My daughter loved him too! This is my second purchase & I’m completely satisfied!! Thank You

The Goodest Boy! 🐺

Wolves have always been one of my most favorite animals. So when I saw Winston, I saw he needed a good home!

This plush is so cute and fluffy with just the right amount of sturdiness to hug. Matter a fact, he’s also just a good buddy in general; look at how him and Beau are already getting along

Birthday Bundle
Jackie Oelfke
Winston is loved

Such a fun and loving product to show someone you love them! My 11 year old fell in love with Winston immediately

Birthday Bundle
Sue Twigger

My daughter loved her present.

Unique the Unicorn
Heather Mish
Hole in the back

Hi, I bought this as a gift for my girlfriends daughters birthday. She just opened it up today and noticed there is a large hole in the back. We are trying to sew it up for her. The Unicorn is very lovely but her daughter was very disappointed to see the hole.

Seams coming loose & no sticker

I purchased this for my long distance boyfriend and he loved it but the seams started to come apart shortly after and his came with no sticker :(

Sister for Life

I sent my sister a care package with Maria, the monkey in it and she has been raving about it since! The raccoon was in the mystery box I got for her. Of course, she didn't know anything was coming, and coincidentally after I had placed the order, she called me a "cheeky monkey" and couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard. Needless to say, she now gets it. <3

Oliver the Otter
Asli Navarro
super soft !

So adorable. It was a heart touching gift for who I gifted it to. Came in time and everything!

Berry Bestie Bundle
Greenlee Weaver
Fast shipping and really soft

I ordered it on a Thursday and got it on Sunday and they are so cute and soft. When I opened them I immediately called my bff and she loved it!!! (hers is the pink one)


I bought this for my granddaughter but, my grandson took it over and she kept his Oliver-the-Otter. What a nice big sister ❤️

Even cuter IRL! 🐮 🫐

💙 This gift couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I was feeling extremely sad today, and even though Beau is bluer than I feel, just giving this guy a hug makes me feel so much better and gives me the pick-me-up I needed! 💙

Pepper the Penguin
Cheyenne Oakley

Got this for my boyfriend. He ended up renaming it pudgy! I got come at the Corgi for his daughter. She also renamed that and named him chubby lol. Every night they cuddle in bed together with both of their. Send a friends and send me pictures all the time. They love them and they love their personal cards. Definitely a great gift idea!

Tucker the Turtle
sheila mueller
Tucker the Turtle

My sister loved it. It comforts her as she mourns her son. Great product.

Love Cowboy Cooper!

Sent him to my daughter, who is a freshman dorming at college, because I miss her as much as she misses being home ❤ This was the perfect long distance hug - Moo

10/10 my bestfriend sent this to me for my birthday and i love it so much. he’s so soft

Great gift

My best friend was so excited to get the gift. Easy to use website and It arrived sooner than expected.

Rosie the Raccoon
Sarah Furgerson
Cuddly buddy Rosie

My 22 year old daughter sent me your website and sent me a list of which buddies she loved the most…I bought Rosie for her to cuddle when she misses me. We recently moved to Minnesota, she is in Oklahoma. She was so excited to receive her blue box! Rosie is now her reading buddy ❤️
McKinley Faith, my 22 year old 6 year old. ❤️❤️
When the bat comes back in stock he will be purchased as well


shipping was great, quality is amazing , and she came on time

Winston the Wolf

My college daughter loved this surprise. I sent it to her on homecoming week since her school mascot is a wolf.

Oliver the Otter
Otter LOVE

My freshman in college loved her otter friend! It was the perfect boost she needed! Such cute packaging and attention to detail. LOVED it!

Rosie the Raccoon
Nicolette Stabile-Julian
Ain’t nothin wrong an adult having a plush animal!

Ain’t nothin wrong an adult having a plush animal!! I’m so in love with my new fluffy friend! Rosie the Racoon has the cutest little face ever. I love cuddling with her after having a rough day. I have severe depression & anxiety, so cuddling with this little plushie helps me calm down :)