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Unique the Unicorn
Margie Harris
Surprised my grand babies

I got this for my granddaughter for Valentine’s Day and she loves it.
My grandson got the turtle and he loves it also .

Binks the Bat
Little batty binks

Absolutely in LOVE with him! The heart nose is my favorite 🥺❤️ amazing quality!

Super Soft

I bought Peanut the Puppy for myself. It was bigger & softer than ever expected. Love him dearly. My Cavapoo pup loves to cuddle with it.

He’s so sweet

My boyfriend got him for my birthday, he’s so sweet. And the stuffy is too! So soft and cuddle. The entire bundle was very nice!

Daphne the Deer
Amber Alexander
My friend loved it

My best friend lives across the country from me now & her father recently passed away & I wasn’t able to travel to see her, so I sent her Daphne as a temporary place holder for hugs. My BFF seemed to love the gesture & her new furry friend (she loves deer, so Daphne seemed like the perfect choice).

Cooper the Cow
Julie Wilson
Love my new friend!

Recently moved half way across the country and have been sad and lonely. One of my dear friends sent this to me and I LOVE it and makes me feel close to her and home.

Penny the Pig
Jolt Octave
I love him

The best

Cutest Shark

I bought Scooter the Shark for my great niece for her 3rd birthday. I got her the blue rose because she loves to put flowers over her ear. I got her the heart necklace as like the love from aunt to niece.. I couldn't be there for her birthday as i had surgery so my sister brought it to her birthday party and sent me some pictures and a video of her. For turning 3yrs old she has quite the education and knows her animals and the,sounds they make.. But like her, Everybody thought Scooter was a So when she called me to thank me, I told her it was a shark. She calls him Scoot. She loves her stuffed animals just as much as I love mine.. Thank you for helping making her birthday special,Kim

Sam the Sloth
Just what I needed

My best friend sent me this because I’ve been going thru a helluva rough patch.
I cried, in the best way. ♥️

Lawrence the Llama
Alexis Szczepanski

I sent Lawrence the Llama to my sister for when she got out of the hospital. She loves him and he hangs out in her living room while she eats her ice cream. I think he’s scheming but it’s hard to tell…

Granddaughter's only toy

My granddaughter lived only 4 days, the only toy she had in NICU was an elephant lovey. I sent Eli to my daughter just before her birthday, along with a surprise, the octopus. The octopus came with a message for self care, how very appropriate. My 2 yr old grandson has claimed Eli, but at least my daughter has the octopus (and some socks!) for her birthday, as well as knowing no one will forget her little girl.

Kiwi the Kitten
Kiwi review

Kiwi was perfect for my friend in need!!

Winston the Wolf
Jennifer F.Herrera
Love ❤️ it

My grandkids love these Stuffed animals 😍 😋 ❤️ 💕

George the giraffe

I got my boyfriend George for Valentine’s Day and he loved him and he loves the socks.

Tilly the Tiger
Ashley Melanson
Absolutely love

I always get these stuffed animals for my nephews for any holiday, I got him the tiger for Valentine’s Day and he was so happy!

Benny the Bunny
Dana Patterson
Totally sweet surprise!

I sent this little guy to 2 different people. It was great to know they were totally surprised! I hope I made their day knowing that they are often thought of! Perfect!

Sally the Strawberry Cow
Delaney Limberg
Sally the strawberry cow

I love my cute fluffy “strawberry shortcake” I named her! My parents sent me this for Valentine’s Day and I think she is so adorable🎀🐮🍓

Tucker the Turtle
Hannah Juhl

Much bigger than I thought and my son was so happy to finally have tye turtle he was waiting weeks for delivered so quick

Mystery Sender

I've been going through some really hard stuff lately and my mental health has been really low. These showed up at my door today but none of my friends will tell me who sent it. The card was personalized to me so I have a couple of suspicions but I'm totally okay with it being a mystery.

These are the softest, sweetest stuffies ever. If you're considering getting this, DO IT!

Gus the Goat
danielle j
Doesn't appear as advertised

Gus was cute, but the stuffed animal has long hair instead of short trimmed hair as advertised. You can't really see his face.

Rowdy the Rooster
Michele R.
Rooster Man birthday surprise

Great gift and love the blue rose as well. As you can see he loved it. Thank you so much…His smile says it all

Binks the Bat
Stephanie Cross
Batty for cuteness!

The entire process was great way to personalize a special gift for that special someone in your life. Would definitely recommend this for any occasion. Plus, the stuff animal are made with great quality.

Comet the Corgi
Nydia Baez
Love it…

My friend love it and arrived at a moment when she needed it most.
Thank you for bringing smiles and happiness!!

Love Shelly!

I’ve always been a fan of snails and I am loving Shelly! She’s cute, the perfect size and soft.

Binks the Bat
Kathleen Whelen
I LOVE Binks!

I love his little fangs! Sometimes I put him upside down in his blue box to simulate how he would hang out in the wild. Looking forward to getting him some friends soon.