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Too Cute For Words

Binks arrived on time and beautifully packaged. Looks just as pictured, is soft and cuddly and very well made. Found the perfect spot for him among my books. He is absolutely perfect!!❤️


wellll my now boyfriend got me this knowing cows are my fav. it’s the sweetest and cutest thing ever :)

Friend Loved it!

I sent the grad bundle of the otter and my friend loved it even the cute grad cap!

Rosie the Raccoon

My boyfriend got her for me for my birthday and I haven’t been able to sleep without it sence

Ollie the Octopus
Brenda Hayes
Cheered up a friend

Happy birthday present and cheering my a friend! Ollie hit the spot with his hugs!

Sally the Strawberry Cow
Cadence Seibert
OMG! So cute LOVE IT!!! 😆😍

So me and my bestie wanted to get these stuffed animals as bff plushies. When we found they were FINALLY back in stock we got them right away! I got Sally the strawberry cow, and she got Beau the Blueberry cow. They are so soft, so curly, and cute! The only thing I was a little upset about is how mine didn’t come with a sticker. :(
It’s ok though! The quality of this stuffy make up for it! 😄 I can’t wait to see hers and we’ll have the best BFF stuffed animals ever! 😊😌

Unique the Unicorn
Julie Chien
Cute, beautiful, snuggly

My sister loved the gift! So squishy and snuggly and beautiful ❤️ Thank you for bringing a birthday gift from me to her, far away!

Ordered for my BF :)

I love how creative and adorable this package is!

Berry Bestie Bundle
Jax and Jasper
Super fast shipping

Both of these cows are super fluffy and soft. Came in within 4 days, shipped the day after we ordered it. Absolutely amazing quality and the stickers and card are super cute!

Doris the Dolphin
Terry Mccracken
great granddaughters gift

my great grandaughter who is 5 yrs old absolutely loved Doris and takes her with her everywhere she goes !

I Am Amazed

I have never had a package come in under a week before. I'm still shocked that it took only four days to get delivered!
I bought the bundle so that me and my best friend could have matching besties. I plan on giving the Strawberry Cow to them on their birthday, so while I can't say how the Strawberry Cow looks, I can talk about the Blueberry Cow. The quality is amazing! The material that is used is so soft! The horns and ears aren't centered, but that's a small detail that doesn't bother me.
I am definitely going to buy from this company again!

Worth the wait!

I saw pics of Brinks months and he was out of stock! He was so cute I knew me and my daughter needed one!! Well I got the notification he was back in stock and he was worth the wait and so adorable! We love them!! 😍🥰

#1 Dad Bundle
Alexandra Longfellow
Cute gift for Dad

It was such a cute gift for Dad. He got his favorite animal, comfy socks and a cool keychain. He even gets to wear a cool #1 Dad hat.

Toby the Teddy Bear
Ashley Lopez
Great! Gift for a bday!

My friend absolutely loved it! It was a great idea for a gift and he loves it!

Dexter the Dinosaur
Charles Dixon
A good friend for a good friend.

I sent a Dexter to a friend who recently adopted. Her son can’t seem to put it down. Wish I was there.

Great Surprise

My friend got the teddy bear and she loved him. He was a great surprise!

Gus the Goat
Christy Heusted
Gus is a super star.

My sister fell in love with her Gardner goat. She went on a trip to Chicago and took him with her. She had a reservation at the restaurant girl and a goat. The staff wanted to take Gus for their Mascot you may want to consider sending them one. My sister said Gus should have come with a bodyguard. Everybody wants him.

Eli the Elephant
Frankie Sheehan
Eli the Elephant

I sent my best friend one a while ago when she was in a rough spot, and she just sent me this recently while I’m in a rough spot. This is absolutely perfect for any sort of relationship. Made my day today, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Definitely cried lol. They’re perfect and this shop is amazing!! Please support them more by purchasing from them!! They deserve it with how much effort they put into this. Also thank you best friend for this, if you ever read this I love you so much and you are the best in the world ❤️

She Loved Him

I sent Winston to my Niece who Loves wolves. She is going through cancer treatments, and I knew Winston would cheer her up. It Worked !!! He brought his Magic to her. Thank You so very much for this Wonderful idea that you have. Keep Shinning on ! !

Winston the Wolf
Craton Topez

Arrived early and looks exactly how it did on the website! 11/10

Benny the Bunny
Betsy Myers

Love! A birthday gift for a baby girl turning 1!

Cozy Gift Box

My animal crossing new horizons Lions name is Rex, but since 2020 I’ve named him Leroy. For two years straight, Leroy the Lion lived on my island. Then I saw Leroy on here, and it was so cool to see an actual Leroy the Lion! I told my family about it, and they bought me this package, along with Leroy himself. The blanket is so soft and I love the stickers! This is amazing!!

Cowboy Cooper Bundle
Breanna Funk
Best gift!!

This is the best stuffed animal I’ve gotten I love it so much!!

So cute!

My boyfriend was pleasantly surprised by his gift. He loves sloths and this one was perfect for him. Stu fits right in with all the rest of our stuffie collection.

Peanut the Puppy
Martha Meza
Best gift ever

Peanut has found his fur ever home with my grandson he loves hugging him and eating on his ear