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Gracie the Grape Cow

I decided to treat myself. This is literally the most adorable thing in the entire world! I was excited before even taking it out the box, because I love the Peek•A•Boo feel ☺️. Definitely my new fave of the Cows - 10/10!

this was amazing!

my long distance boyfriend surprised me with this gift and it made me cry! it is so soft and is extremely thoughtful!

Leroy the Lion
Carrie L.
Best gifts ever!

My daughter who’s in college loves them. I surprise her with them often. She’s going thru PT now after a season ending injury in lacrosse & I surprised her with Leroy the Lion as his personality is brave, fearless & string which she is!

Super fluffy!!!

I got rosie for my boyfriends birthday. Rosie is super soft and adorable!

My Future Vet 🥰

I sent my daughter your rooster at the end of her 1st year of vet school! It arrived in a very timely manner and she was so surprised! She absolutely loves him ❤️

Binks the Bat
Tammy P.
My vampire mini me

I love my lil vampire bat!
I keep telling everyone that I’m a vampire because I work second shift at my job
So my lil bat proves that I’m a vampire
Love him so much!

Tilly the Tiger
Krista R.
Tilly the Birthday Tiger

It was love at first sight . To quote the toddler “It was the best present “🎁 The picture shows the love .

My Granddaughter’s Excitement

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited my granddaughter was to receive her gift from Send A Friend! She was on her way to participate in the Cheerleading Nationals and I wanted her to know that we were cheering for her. The picture tells it all!

Loved already

A VERY happy one year old couldn’t keep her in the box and had to have her already. She has been on adventures as we got her and she sleeps with her at nap times. Very happy baby.

Such a welcome surprise

My grandson had been very sick with pneumonia when I ordered the lion. It arrived several days later and really helped perk him up! He had a little bit of a setback the day it was delivered so the timing was great!

Best gift ever!

Received Roscoe from my friends to help me recover from surgery. The best surprise ever! He's excellent quality and super soft. I just had to dress him up!


Arrived on time and was the perfect gift!!!!!

Goth Baby Bat

I sent the baby bat to a goth friend. She love him so much that sent back a picture where she had pierced his ears.

I feel so loved

This is adorable and cuddly and I love it. Haha everyone calls me a vampire so it is very fitting… just for the record, I’m not.

Shelly the Snail

Sent her to a friend who was just getting out of the hospital…. thought she would be a daily reminder to slow down ! She was pleased!!

Gus the Goat
MaryEllen K.
Best gifts for women.

I got the flamingo for my son’s girlfriend and she absolutely loved it and so did her two cats. I also got the Goat for my aunt who absolutely loves watching all the baby goat videos online so it was perfect. A new unique gift that they weren’t expecting. It was so fun for me too- there are so many animals to pick from it was easy and my aunt loved her little goats shirt that she dressed him up in.

Unique stuffed animal

He is the cutest!! My mom loved him! A unique gift, def choose him to brighten someone’s day!

Oliver the Otter
Geneva S.
Great gift for adult children

I sent my first one to my oldest, who was having a very hard week at work. And then I proceeded to send one to each of my other children. They work very hard to adult and to keep it together, but I think getting a sweet gift like this in the mail reminds them how much they are loved and that they are never alone and will always have support. Could not be happier with the quality and the customer service. If I had more children to gift them to I would!

New friends

I love collecting animals and I brought an elephant for my sister. She loved it. I suddenly realize I should treat myself so I brought the friends above and glad I did. If you don’t love yourself who will. Friends a perfect gift to say hi, I miss you, just because I love you, cheer up my friend or like me by myself so I love me some me that why I purchase my own

Capybaras for everyone!

I sent myself Crouton the capybara after contemplating it for a while. I wanted a friend to send it to me, but after waiting a while I just decided to gift myself. It was a great investment. Crouton is adorable and makes me smile regularly.

Love my sister!

My sister recently was dealing with quite a few things at once and I just wanted to make her smile n let her know “someone loves her”. She was surprised and very happy!


The gift was the best gift ever and sent out and arrived at the perfect moment.

Harper the Hippo
Michelle V.
The Best Sympathy Gift for Loved Ones

I have gifted Send a Friend 3x to loved ones during hard times and it’s the best gift! You can choose from a preset card or write your own!! Recipients are always happy to receive their friend! It’s a simple way to bring smiles and make someone’s day!! 10/10 recommend!

Rowdy the Rooster
Jennifer S.
Awesome, but slow shipping

I bought this as a “thinking of you” gift for my aunt who was struggling. Unfortunately the shipping was so slow it would have made more sense to send flowers. Ultimately she loved it, which is what matters, so I still gave it 4 stars.

Boyfriend loved it

I got this for my long distance boyfriend and he loves it so much. It’s so cute!