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Leroy the Lion
Lora Haupt
Cute gift for long distance

Love this gift! Was such a cute gift for my boyfriend

Oliver the Otter
It’s Perfect

My boy sent me this as a surprise present and I could not have been happier :) I love it so much. Long distance is hard, but small moments like these make it all worth it <44

Louie the Lobster
Cameron Palmer

Did the job and made my girlfriend happy, also reminded her of the series friends when Ross said,”youre my lobster” to Rachel🥰

Leroy the Lion
Susan Elliott
Encouragement for big steps

My grandsons were leaving their mom to go to preschool. That is hard when you are three and five. We wanted to herald that big step so we sent the friends. The boys were so happy to receive the stuffed animals. They like to get the mail and this time it was for them!

Sam the Sloth
Wendy C
Sam the Sloth shipped to college

My daughter loved him and the treats I sent with him! It was a perfect college surprise for her first month away!

Cooper the Cow
Megan E.
Fantastic! Thank you!

I have nothing but praise for this product. I sent it to my best friend who is struggling her first semester in college and she (we) absolutely love him. The packaging was fantastic, the shipping was quick, and the animal was soft and cute, exactly as seen in the photos. 10/10 would recommend; this order has made her semester and I couldn’t be happier to offer her the comfort of a friend.

Pepper the Penguin
Laura Bishop
Sheer joy!

I send this to a friend ahead of her wedding week! I think this picture speaks for itself! So sweet, creative, quick, and a great price point. I will definitely use this again and recommend to friends!

Comet the Corgi
Tracy Walker
Such a precious gift!

I purchased Comit the corgi for my granddaughter who recently moved away to New Mexico and had not made any new friends yet. Comit showed up just in time and she was so super excited! Bigger than I expected and so plush and cuddly. The delivery was flawless and customer service was super nice and caring. Comit was carefully wrapped in sweet blue paper for his journey. I will definitely be adding new friends to my granddaughters collection. Thank you Send A Friend 💕

Cowboy Cooper Bundle
Carolyn Leff

My boyfriend loved it!!!

Flynn is fabulous

Flynn is great! He’s made lots of friends and he gives the best snuggles. My son cried when he opened him, and Flynn hasn’t left his side since. We keep looking at what new pets need homes, so Flynn has a friend when my son is in school ♥️

Cowboy Cooper Bundle
Daniel Joaquim
Absolutely love this cowboy

My husband sent me this Cowboy!! Love, Love, Love this super cute cowboy. Super Soft, cuddly his hat and vest are just amazing.

Cooper the Cow
Ali Gage
Awesome Company!!

You guys at SendAFriend reached out to me on Instagram to do a promo video on my TikTok. I selected Cooper the Cow, and honestly I thought it would be a tiny little thing… like a TY beanie baby. Boy was I wrong! Y’all don’t mess around with your stuffed animals! Cooper is SO cute and soft! And he looks real cute snuggling with my two month old daughter. We are BIG fans of SendAFriend! Thank you for choosing me to promo. Maybe we can work together again in the future!

Leroy the Lion
Bailey Crowe
Such a thoughtful gift

A dear relative of mine passed away suddenly and my 2 best girlfriends sent me this cute guy with a beautiful blue rose and sweet note and it made my day! I renamed him Norm after my Aunt Norma. He is so soft and it is such a thoughtful gift. I will treasure him always!

Sam the Sloth
Donna B.
A Great Gift with meaning

Sent Sam the Sloth to my 80 year old Aunt while she was sick with made her so happy. And I believe, helped with her recovery.

The perfect gift!

I sent Pepper the Penguin to my daughter because she loves penguins. She was so happy and I have recommended Send A Friend to others since.

Comet the Corgi
Julie Gordon
My corgi

Omg… I was elated to get comet the corgi in the mail, sent to me by a very special friend. I recently lost my Pembroke corgi Molly and my heart is forever broken❤️ But Comet made me smile When I get home from work today

Highly recommend!!

I order a new bear once a month & send them to my little sister. I highly recommend buying any one of these! They’re so soft and cute!!

Dexter the Dinosaur
Anita Wooldridge
Staff loved them

Everyone loved their friends I sent them. I sent 5 to staff at a nursing home. Times are rough and thought they could use a pick me up

Comet the Corgi

I love Comet! My Comet’s nose is a little crooked, but it is so cute; it gives them a flair of individuality and personality. Comet looks like they’re taking time to smell all the smells. Perfect, as always!!

Otters mate for life

My man is a lineman on contract out of state and long distance is hard for us, so he sent me Oliver. Otters mate for life and hold hands in water when the sleep so they don’t lose each other.

Birthday Bundle
Pamela Haseltine
Great gift!

Prompt service and delivery! My granddaughter loves it! Thank you very much!

Awesome product!!!!😊

I love peanut the puppy my dad got him for me at the time I really needed him!!!! Thanks so much for making people smile!!!!😊

Sam the Sloth
the cutest!!

sammy is such a a great gift. the selection of little animals is so cute so you have a variety to choose from. they’re meaningful and so special, good quality too. they don’t shed and are the perfect hug size. im sure it’ll put a smile on that special person’s face<3

Otterly Adorable!

This furry friend is otterly adorable!

Thank you

Thank you Russell I love him so much pls play pokémon with me 💙