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Perfectly adorable

Sent it to my best friend with the Mother’s Day add on she loved it so much she cried! Only thing I would change is more color options for the bundles (we aren’t big fans of pink)

The Mystery Box
Shelby Linnenbrink
My friend loved it!

The friend that I sent the care package to really loved it! She loved how soft the otter plushie that she received! My friend's favorite animal isn't on your site, so I decided to go with the random animal option, cause I wasn't sure what to pick out for her.


I always love send a friend! This is my third order with them and it came in less then a week! I love this company so much!! They even let me email them the animals I didn’t want :,)

Two for two

This is the second animal I’ve ordered and the recipients have both been very happy! Sally the Strawberry cow is so adorable, especially with the strawberry on her foot. Only thing is that she was not as soft as expected, but she is still super cute.

The Mystery Box
Jenni McDaniel
Very Happy

I didn’t know what animal to get my friend but I did know she loves spring and planting. So I added the spring package and hoped for the best. I was not disappointed :)


got these for me and my best friend since were going to different colleges and we LOVE THEM!! they are so cute and soft!! :)

Great gift!!!

I received mine a while ago from my boyfriend, it was the cutest sweetest gift I've ever received!! only issue I had with it was the price but it's not super unreasonable and I think it was worth it lol


I absolutely loved my strawberry cow, and cows arrived so much faster than the expected delivery date. I can’t wait to see my moms reaction when I give her, hers for Mother’s Day 🥰

Cooper the Cow
Nory Lawson
Cooper the Cow

He is a precious little MooMoo 🐮❤️

Sally the Strawberry Cow

I’m so happy to finally have her, I call her my PinkMoo 💕

So Disappointed

I sent Ollie the Octopus to a good friend of mine that really likes Octupuses I expected a super cute plushie picture once they received it. Instead the eyes look off center and he was rather deformed. My friend kept telling me it was okay but for something that was $50 including shipping i don't think it's worth the price and i'm just embarrassed that I sent it.

Pokey Panda

Turned a friend's tears over a loss into a smile for the memories.

Sam the Sloth
Tammy Walsh
Dan the sloth

My friend loved him. She's been having a rough period in her life. This made her smile and cry all at the same time. It was perfect 💯♥️


Made a perfect surprise gift to a family member and she got the puppy and she absolutely loved it!! Super cute and shipping was super fast too.

Scooter the Shark
Alexandra Longfellow
Scooter is the perfect squeeze!

The perfect plush for a shark lover!! 🦈 Scooter was unexpectedly bigger!

Llama Just Say... Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

I bought the Llama for my mom and she loved it! I couldn't wait until Mother's Day to give this ADORABLE Llama to her, so I bought this for her birthday! (Which is a few weeks from Mother's Day.) She absolutely loved this! Very useful and cute gift for Mom!

The only complaint I have is that the Llama's fluff by the ear shed a little bit from the tag. Please work something out with the tag because I don't want anyone's furry friend to get messed up.

Daphne the Deer
Blake Doucette
Absolutely Adorable

I bought this deer for myself and I absolutely love it! It’s so soft and cute! And the perfect size!!


My boyfriend bought him for me and I love him so much. He is so cute, especially because I have a cow obsession! The perfect stuffed animal, sleep with cooper every night!

Lawrence the Llama
Jenni McDaniel

I bought Lawrence the Llama for myself and I’m 37. He’s much bigger than I imagined he would be. All the animals are good sizes! So soft and he’s always in my bed. I bought him when I was feeling down and when I look at him (sounds corny) but he reminds me to be strong.

Pokey the Panda
Tanya Smith
Happy new friend

He made a great birthday gift!

Nug Nug

Everything was package so nicely and the stuffie is the softest! I would definitely recommend buying from this company :)

Easter Surprise

I sent my daughter the surprise box for Easter and Winston the wolf was in the box. She loves him! He’s so soft and cute ❤️

Garden Bundle
Rebeka Smith
Undoubtedly a perfect gift for any gardening lover!

I purchased this as a birthday gift for my friend/sister/coworker/ who loves plants (and chickens!) and within minutes of us leaving work the day it was delivered I received a text with this picture and an ecstatic message about all the contents of the Garden Bundle; especially how cute the little gardening hat is!

amazing pick me up!!!

i ordered sally for myself as a little treat after a horrible week. i have been curious about send a friend for over a year, but once i saw the strawberry cow i knew i’d finally be seeing if they’re worth the hype… they are! they plush is amazing quality (i thought maybe they wouldn’t be, because in the pictures the fur looks a little cheap, but it does not feel cheap or plastic-y at ALL, they’re extremely plush and soft!) and they’re bigger than i anticipated (yes i know they tell you how big they are, but you never really know until the plush arrives). i also love the charitable aspect of the company and their transparency about who they donate to, how much and when. i would love to see more unique animals like the berry cows, but i’m honestly tempted to get a lot of the more “basic” animals too now knowing how adorable they are!

as a plush collector… here are MY comparisons

BUILD-A-BEAR: the obvious pro here that send a friend is lacking are the outfits, however BAB outfits tend to be pricy and a lot of people do without them regardless. BAB plush are bigger (14” opposed to 10”) however quality varies a LOT. some of the plush, spring pink frog for example, are very soft, others such as the 2022 hearts fur you pup feel cheaper and more synthetic. if clothes are a big thing for you, potentially look at 10-14” doll clothes! general price range for a BAB is 20-40$ (higher end of the range for branded collabs such as Pokémon), so send a friend plush are definitely comparable to the vast majority of BAB especially if you aren’t one to buy clothes.

squishmallows: one thing squishmallows have more of a market for is the bios. people love reading the plush backstories, and if send a friend incorporated more of that i think they’d strike gold. squishmallows are more diverse in the sense that there’s basically a squishmallow of everything under the sun (and the sun itself!) however due to reselling community a lot of them can be hard to find or extremely upcharged, making them less accessible in some rights. it goes without saying that squishmallows are a very specific texture as well; you’re not getting any of that here with send a friend, but of course they aren’t trying to deliver that either.

send a friend overall impressions: the plush are again, amazing quality! i would love to see more backstory or bios for the animals, but i can also see how leaving it open ended can be better for kids and imaginative play! i admit the price point seems perhaps steep at first, but the thing that sets this brand apart is the dedication to mental health awareness and charity overall. in this capitalist world i never want to give a corporation or company TOO much props, but i genuinely do love and appreciate the message this company is sending through adorable, well made plush. i have two more on the way, and i truly cant recommend them enough!

Leroy the Lion
Kendall Siebels
my gf loved it!!

sent one as a late christmas gift and my gf absolutely loved it, it shipped fairly fast and now she sleeps with it every night! left a photo of her and leroy trying snap filters 🤣