$2,500 Donated to Cradling Memories

Connecting with the wonderful humans who run the incredible nonprofit organizations we work with is one of our favorite things. This was definitely the case when we met with Jessica from Cradling Memories ~ The Milo James Coe Foundation.

After the devastating loss of their sweet baby, Milo, in November of 2021, Jessica and her husband, Mitch, felt it in their hearts to support others experiencing perinatal loss. Offering resources to create a lifetime of memories, the organization donates memory boxes that include a baby blanket, a kit for hand or foot molds, a keepsake for the baby’s prints, and stuffed animals.

In honor of sweet baby Milo's perfect little piggy toes, we included two pairs of our flying pig socks and our Penny the Pig friend in the donation package.

We are inspired by the love Jessica and Mitch share with other families after their very recent loss. Wasting no time getting their nonprofit up and running, the organization has already sent care packages to grieving families across the country. Our Spread the Love Fund donation of $2,500 will help continue their mission. 

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