$5,000 Donated to Aspire Appalachia

Aspire Appalachia has a vision that touched our hearts: "A world where every single human and animal is properly cared for and loved." This organization works to help not only the homeless pets in their area, but the members of their community. Recent natural disasters had the team springing into action to support their community as they faced massive flooding; and when their neighbors in Western Kentucky experienced devastating tornadoes, the team was right there to help!
$5,000 Donated to Aspire Appalachia
Sadly, animal abuse and neglect is a big problem in their part of the state. With a limited number of residents willing and able to adopt, the animals are often sent north to find loving homes. Aspire Appalachia does not receive adoption fees, and are completely dependent on donations.

The $5,000 donation in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day from our Spread the Love Fund will help this incredible organization to continue saving the animals (and people) of Eastern Kentucky.
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