$5,000 Donated to Foster's Voice

“It’s not easy to talk about the worst day of your life every day, but if it resonates with one person, then it’s worth it.” This is just one of the many things Kevin Atwood said when we sat down to speak with him about his organization, Foster’s Voice.

Just nine days after his son took his own life, Kevin wasted no time devoting his life to helping others. This incredible nonprofit organization stays busy offering support to those struggling with mental health issues, presenting at speaking engagements at local high schools, and even heading to Washington to address Congress. On top of all of that, they participate in a men’s group, offering help within the local community - keeping minds and hands busy and offering a sense of purpose to their participants.

Kevin says part of his family’s healing is in helping others, and they are doing just that. “Life is hard… But amazing.” Helping others focus on the amazing is what this inspiring organization is all about.
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