$5,000 Donated to Not One More Vet

As children, many of us dreamed of becoming veterinarians. Petting puppies and snuggling with kittens all day - what’s better than that? Sadly, the assumptions we had about a veterinarian's job were far from the reality these professionals face. It often comes as a surprise to learn that veterinary professionals struggle with their mental health and are almost three times more likely to die by suicide than the general public.
$5,000 Donated to Not One More Vet
Challenged with terminal diagnoses and euthanasias, veterinary professionals are taxed with the job of presenting heartbreaking news to pet lovers each day. A roller coaster of emotions comes with this field of work, and NOMV (Not One More Vet) has made it their mission to transform the status of mental wellness within the profession through education, resources, and support.

SendAFriend’s $5,000 donation will help NOMV continue their support of over 26,000 veterinary professionals, reminding them that they are never alone.
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