$5,000 Donated to Robbie's Hope

An avid swimmer and tennis player, Robbie was a busy high school sophomore with many friends, good grades, and plans for his future. Yet unbeknownst to his family and friends, he was privately battling intense darkness. In 2018 Robbie took his own life.

Left with immense heartache, those closest to him are committed to honoring the witty and compassionate young man Robbie was. 
Robbie’s Hope works to make something good out of something tragic. A movement of teens helping other teens, it’s their mission to cut teen suicide rates in half by 2028.
$5,000 Donated to Robbie's Hope
Our Spread the Love Fund donation of $5,000 will provide 10,000 handbooks to school districts across the country. Written by the Teen Activists of Robbie’s Hope, these handbooks offer advice on how to have this difficult but necessary conversation about mental health and suicidal thoughts.
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