$750 Donated to Old Town Cape Youth Entrepreneurship Day

SendAFriend’s founder was just 18 years old when he dreamed up the bright blue Someone Loves You packaging that would house the most adorable fluffy friends and their personalized notecards. A young entrepreneur himself, he encourages other young business-minded people to dream big by supporting youth in the community.

When the local nonprofit, Old Town Cape, reached out about a collaboration to get youth involved in their Riverfront Farmer’s Market, the SendAFriend team jumped right in! Offering $250 to three local teens, SendAFriend helped with business-related expenses to get these entrepreneurs and their goods to the market.

On Saturday, September 10 Goodies by Galati, Scented Soylutions, and Tofu Da Customizer displayed their handmade goods at the Riverfront Market. At just 14-18 years of age, these young business leaders presented their items with impressive professionalism.

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