80 Care Packages Delivered to Compassion Delivered

We believe in compassion and connection, especially during life's most challenging moments. We're honored to partner with Compassion Delivered, who are dedicated to providing high quality meals at no cost to those facing life-threatening or terminal illnesses. They deliver more than delicious meals!

While we don't have photos to share, we're humbled to highlight two heartwarming stories that illustrate the impact of our donation:

Shared by the daughter of meal recipient:
“I’d like to say upon her first Compassion Delivered visit, we were impressed with your program. From the artwork on the bags to all the welcome package gifts. She was touched by the Send a Friend stuffed animal too. My mother was 88 and when she opened the Send a Friend, her first response was “I really wanted a stuffed animal “. It was very touching. Lastly, your food was very good. Her favorite was your wedding soup. Thank you for your dedication and all you are doing to help people with your program. Fondly, Sue”

Shared by Amanda, Founder of Compassion Delivered:
A new meal recipient that called to let us know that their stuffed animal was a puppy and it brought them so much comfort because they had to have their dog put to sleep at the end of last year. We didn’t know that, and they thought it was so sweet that there was this connection.

These stories are just a glimpse of the impact our donations have had on the lives of those served by Compassion Delivered. Through the simple gesture of giving a fluffy friend, we're able to bring moments of joy, comfort, and companionship to those who need it most.

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