Care Package Deliveries Bring Holiday Delight

A total of 1,350 cuddly companions found their way into the arms of those who need them most this holiday season. Our fluffy friends were delivered to three children's hospitals and three nonprofit organizations supporting foster families. Moments of joy and comfort will linger in the hearts of recipients.

Our fluffy companions found their way to the bedside of young patients in three children's hospitals: St. Louis Children's Hospital, Ranken Jordan, and Mercy Children's St. Louis. These stuffed animals are more than just toys; they are steadfast companions during hospital stays, offering a touch of familiarity and a friendly face to brighten the day for children facing health challenges.

Partnering with three nonprofit organizations supporting foster families, GiveAFriend extended support to children in foster care. Stuffed animal care packages were delivered to Angel's Arms, Butterfly Haven, and Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. These stuffed animals serve as constant companions, offering comfort and a sense of security during times of transition.

Our heartfelt thanks for making this initiative possible. Love, The SendAFriend Team

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