10 of the Best Unicorn Gifts for Adults

woman receiving unique the unicorn care package

Pictured: SendAFriend's Unique the Unicorn Care Package

Have a friend or loved one who is infatuated and enchanted with anything unicorn? Do they have a birthday or special occasion on the horizon? Then you have to get them the most magical gift of all – a unicorn! Okay, so maybe not an actual unicorn (they are a fictional creature, after all). But you can get them the next best thing. Here is a list of the 10 best unicorn gifts for adults, from a cuddly unicorn stuffed animal to colorful unicorn macarons.  

Get a Unicorn Stuffed Animal

1. Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Who says stuffed animals are only for kids? Stuffed animals offer all kinds of benefits for adults, too, from reducing anxiety to boosting moods. And with super fluffy pink fur and a violet-colored mane and tail, Unique the Unicorn is perfect for cuddling and brightening someone’s day. One of the best unicorn gifts for adults is our stuffed animal care package, complete with a personalized note to share your love and appreciation or to just send a message for birthdays and beyond. person holding notecard with message inside

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2. Unicorn Mug

Help them start their day with an “extra” cup of coffee that will have them raring to go in no time. A unicorn mug can offer a flashy drinkware to their morning routine or give them a cheerful pick-me-up for those boring days and afternoon lulls. Offer it to them with their favorite coffee beans, tea bags or a hot cocoa mix with a colorful peppermint stick to fit the theme.   

3. Unicorn Pool Float

Know someone who loves to head to the beach or spends their weekends by the pool? Then  help them keep cool on the water with a unicorn float. Perfect for wading in the waters, a blow-up unicorn float can support a full-grown adult as they soak in the sun and dip their toes in the refreshing water. But, even if they don’t have room for an enormous float, a unicorn drink float keeps their tumbler or water bottles nearby and looks just as vibrant and awesome. 

4. Unicorn Slippers or Socks

Another great unicorn gift is unicorn slippers to keep their feet warm. With plush-like designs,  rainbow manes and glittery horns, your friend or loved one can walk around the house in style during lazy weekend mornings or on a self-care day. Some unicorn slippers even come with battery-operated lights inside that give them a glow-up so the wearer can see their way to the kitchen for a midnight snack. 

5. Unicorn Light 

Unicorns are inspiring creatures. So why not give your unicorn-obsessed adult friend some lighting for their WFH office. Whether it’s a strand of unicorn string lights, a neon sign or a marquee-like unicorn profile with Edison bulbs, it will add a splash of color and illumination to their space. If they prefer a minimal look, you could even give them a rainbow holographic or iridescent lamp that lends a subtle unicorn motif.  

6. Unicorn Games

Give your friend or loved one a unicorn-themed game. Choose a deck of unicorn print playing cards that they can take on long trips to play solitaire, Devil’s Grip or Streets and Alleys. Or, when they feel like hosting a game night with friends, give them a multiplayer card game like Unstable Unicorns that can entertain them with loads of fun for hours.  

7. Unicorn Notepad and Planner

A unicorn notepad and planner is a great unicorn gift for adults. It can help organize their thoughts and keep them focused on the tasks at hand. It can look chic and mature, too. Choose a white planner wrapped in an iridescent foil-stamped unicorn pattern or a notepad with a pastel ombre effect and a unicorn motif.

8. Unicorn Cookies and Macarons

Like stuffed animals, cookies warm the heart and can make a grown adult smile. So what better gift for a unicorn-loving adult than a baker’s dozen of unicorn-shaped cookies? Even better, go completely gourmet with some artisan unicorn macarons. 

9. Unicorn Pendant Necklace or Jewelry

If a unicorn is their spirit animal, then let it show! For a more mature, fashionable adult friend or loved one, give them a unicorn pendant or piece of jewelry. Pair it with a beautiful birthstone gem or an initial letter charm for a more personalized addition to their jewelry collection. 

10. Unicorn Planter Pot

Know someone who loves unicorns and has a green thumb? Add a little green to their rainbow world with a unicorn pot. Perfect for smaller succulents or indoor plants, it sits nicely on a desk or shelf in their home office space or their bathroom vanity. It’s sure to add a punch of color and, with the right plant, can even improve indoor air quality

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