Make Their Day With a Stuffed Animal Care Package 😍

  • Over 30 Cute Animals to Choose From
  • FREE Personalized Card Included
  • Ships in Blue 'Someone Loves You' Box
Get Started Monkey, Cow, and Penguin stuff animals with SendAFriend custom blue packaging

1. Select Animal

Start by selecting a fluffy friend! All animals measure 10” tall with super soft, fluffy fur and polyester fill. For ages 3 and up.

Free Personalized Card

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The name of the animal is not included in the package. If you’d like the recipient to know the animal’s name, please include it in your card.

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Safer in Paper product photo

Safer in Paper


Keep our signature bright blue box safer with protective shipping wrap. Paper color may vary.
Blue Rose product photo

Blue Rose


Symbolize your appreciation and admiration with a blue silk rose.
Candy Pack product photo

Candy Pack


Sweet treats! Full-size Skittles, two Welch’s Fruit Snacks, and two Airhead candies. Flavors may vary.
Chocolate Pack product photo

Chocolate Pack


A straightforward chocolate pleasure! Full-size bag of M&M's and one pack of Famous Amos cookies.
Someone Loves You Hoodie for Animal product photo

"Someone Loves You" Hoodie for Animal


A Someone Loves You hoodie to fit your fluffy friend

Heart T-Shirt for Animal product photo

Heart T-Shirt for Animal


A super cute heart t-shirt for your fluffy friend

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Binks the Bat
Claudia Heaton
Binks the Bat is a hero!

My daughter has been going through a rough patch while she and her husband have been living on the other side of the country, waiting for my grandson, my husband and me to join them later this year. We used to have a buck-toothed gray cat named Binks that was a constant source of joy and amusement. My daughter is also a professional scare actor, and she suffers from fibromyalgia. When I saw Binks the Bat I knew he’d be perfect for her, and he was! He and the spa care package were just what she needed. I’m glad I noticed the bit about the animal’s name not being on any of the packaging and made sure to put it in the personal note, since it was so important in this case. Thanks to Send a Friend (and serendipity) for the perfect gift!

Perfect gift

I sent this little axolotl to my niece and she absolutely loves it


My daughter was having a hard week at college. The polar bear really brightened her mood especially with the personal note. She loves it !


i love harper the hippo so much she’s my new best friend

Beau the Blueberry Cow
Danielle Zelko
Made her cry.

My daughter is missing her military husband. I sent Beau to cheer her up.

adorable product

i’ve ordered from SendAFriend more than 5 times now, and like always i absolutely love the product. high quality with a lot of items that make the bundle even more worth it. will be buying from SendAFriend again <333

Anxiety Bat

My Daughter 🧒 is so pleased with her Bat

Awesome 🤩

Amazing service! Everything was seamless from ordering online right down to tracking the package and it being delivered super fast highly recommend this product and service great price point and look forward to ordering from you again

Kiwi the Kitten
Caden Sjogren
Absolutely adorable!

I literally "weeee" when I read the box, after brief confusion thinking it was some normal package I'd forgotten I'd ordered.

This is one of the sweetest gifts I've gotten, and an absolutely adorable surprise.

Rowdy the Rooster
Annette Holder
Love it!

Ordered Rowdy the Rooster for my daughter for Valentine’s Day. She’s a South Carolina Gamecock so he’s perfect to receive at school. She loves him! Great gift and cute box too! I added the Valentine sticker so she knew to wait to open.

Toby the Teddy Bear
Michael Stevens
Great service

Sent Toby to a friend and she loved it

Perfect gift!

I purchased the purple Hippo for my 3 year old great niece who is receiving treatment for Leukemia. She isn't allowed to have visitors besides mom and dad. So when i saw your website, I knew this was absolutely perfect. She LOVES it. She takes it every where with her from sleep to treatment to field trips they take outside of the hospital. Send a friend is the perfect way to give that comfort from far away.

Ollie the Octopus
Angela Everett

This little guy made my niece cry , she was so touched by the animal and sweet cards. Wonderful gift.

Marie the Monkey

My daughter loved receiving Marie the Monkey with the To the Moon and Back package. She thought Marie was soft and adorable and the extra items were nice.

Leroy the Lion
Monique Rowles
Perfect gift!

My oldest son moved states away the end of Sept 2023 and before that he had never stayed more than an hour away from me for a long period of time. He was getting very home sick and send him this lion reminded him that I love him and I am beyond proud of him. Now he can hug his lion any time he wants to hug his mom.

Sam the Sloth
Stephanie Freeman
Friend for my sisters

We lost our dad on Christmas 2022 and mom in March 2023. Send a friend has become a tool for my sisters for the loss of our parents. So thank you for this.

With all the gratitude and love,

Sarah Red, Stephanie Freeman and Shaina Mims.

Fabulous Flamingo Faye!!!

My friend loves flamingos!! I ordered this for her the minute I saw it!!!
She LOVED it!!

I am a huge SAF fan!! Everything I have ordered has been amazing and has been loved by the recipient!!!

Faye the Flamingo
Margie Harris
Love them all

I love all the animals and wish I could get the lobster but it’s been gone. I buy these for my husband and grandbabies they all love them especially my husband who’s 75 years young.

Duke the Dragon
Sharyn Merritt
Dragon helps heal

Here is a picture, this adorable dragon flew far from me. This dragon is helping a 2 year old heal from a severe lung infection. He is at home on oxygen. There have been ambulance rides back to the hospital several times. He loves his dragon!

Such a joyful gift

I'm going through a rough time with a serious health problem. My sweet friend Shelley sent me this with the ADORABLE BAT. It was a wonderful surprise. It came on the perfect day too. This was such a perfect, thoughtful gift......

Binks the Jumbo Bat
Lisa Grublis
Adorable bat!

I had the jumbo bat sent to my daughter in college along with a few accessories. Such a nice presentation, and great quality! She was happy to receive it. 💙 Also, very fast shipping (and I used standard shipping).

Perfect Comfort Gift

I sent Teddy to a friend a few states away. It was the closest thing to a physical hug I could send!! She loved him and has him on her walker and says he will stay with her wherever she goes. Lovely gift for the giver and the receiver!

Gus the Goat
Janet Buckingham
Gus The Goat

I have always sent SendAFriends to others. I love the idea! I recently experienced a personal heartbreak and when I saw Gus The Goat and read about him, I knew I needed him to help me through this difficult time. I am over 50, yet I sleep with Gus every night! He reminds me to be strong and to be thankful for all of the wonderful in my life. Just love him!

Best gift ever

I got mine from my best friend and I love it it's the perfect size to cuddle with.

Gf sent this to me and I love it

I have autism and love sharks and my girlfriend got me this and I genuinely can’t explain how much I love this :3

Peanut the Puppy with a notecard that says I will always be with you.

Mary Lou Loehr


The right gift at the right time.

My best friend and her husband recently lost their pet unexpectedly. I was lost about what to give them. An ad for "Send a Friend" popped up as it had before while browsing Facebook, but this time it was PERFECT timing. The little dog in the ad looked just like their Maya, and the little add on perks were just what was needed for comfort gifts. Thank you so much for this option of gift giving!

Peanut the Puppy 🐶
A smiling person holding Sam the Sloth and the notecard from their package.

Joan Brooks


Thinking of you gift Sam the Sloth

I sent him to my daughter who's been having a rough time. She was so surprised and thankful. Great gift for anyone who needs a "pick me up"

Sam the Sloth 🦥
Sally the Strawberry Cow




I have the absolute worst anxiety and when I received this friend, I immediately felt so much comfort and happiness. I mean, it's a cow and she is PINK. Nothing better than that. I just sent a friend as well!! Tilly the Tiger will be my next purchase for sure!

Sally the Strawberry Cow 🍓🐮
Happy customer cuddling Peaches the Polar Bear

Bella Pallavicini


So sweet

Peaches is highly underrated. She's so sweet and Cuddly. Perfect snuggle buddy, travel buddy, and study buddy. I decided she is a law student because she seems so calm, smart, and down-to-earth.

Peaches the Polar Bear 🐻‍❄️
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