Cute stuffed octopus plushie on top of rock pile with blue background to appear underwater

Juggling It All

A busy little fella, Ollie used to find himself in a tangled mess quite often.

With an ever-changing environment and so much to do, he was struggling to juggle all the things life threw his way.

Ollie let his struggles get the best of his days. Feeling like he was being pulled in eight different directions, there wasn’t much time for the things he enjoyed.

Trying to balance quite a lot, but leaving himself as an afterthought, Ollie couldn’t be the “Rocktopus” he wanted to be. Then came an epiphany.

Ollie decided to take some time for himself, and he began to feel better right away. There will always be much to do, but some fun must be had too!

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Choosing what would “octopi” his thoughts was of utmost importance. He realized he had control over his ideas and actions. Ollie began making himself his number one priority.

Looking for little moments to relax and let his tentacles unwind 🐙, Ollie no longer waits until he’s feeling “octoward” to take a moment for himself.

Nothing is out of reach (even if you don’t have 8 tentacles) when you make sure to care for yourself first.

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Nothing is Out
of Your Reach

Ollie’s here to remind you and all of your friends to take the time to do what’s best for you. He’s also really great with hugs 🤗 and has plenty of tentacles to go around.

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Ollie the Octopus

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