Embrace Your Pace

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It’s always taken Shelly the Snail a while to come out of her shell. Quite shy, she prefers to stay within the confines of the home she occupies. As timid as Shelly may be, her skills are in no way limited.

You see, Shelly is bright-eyed and determined, independent and strong. Don’t let her fool you. As others fly by, she continues along.

Taking it all in as if life is a race, she moves at her own pace. Speed doesn’t matter as long as you keep moving forward. While healthy competition certainly has its place, life is about the journey, not the destination. Instead of worrying about winning first place, Shelly enjoys the pace.

Often overlooked by those rushing by, she’s a wonderfully wise friend to those who slow down to say “hi.” With a shell full of knowledge and a caring heart, Shelly carries with her some important lessons.

It’s ok to take your eye off the prize and enjoy the ride. Perhaps it’s time to slow your pace just a bit. You might find it a better fit, and you never know the friends you’ll meet along the way.

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