100 Care Packages Delivered to UNC Children's Hospital

UNC Children’s Hospital has a four-tiered mission to C.A.R.E. that aligns with clinical care, advocacy, research, and education to deliver family-centered care - regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Their exceptional care ensures that no child should need to leave North Carolina for treatment of any medical condition.

Many patients have conditions that require frequent or long-term hospital stays. It’s important for a kid to “just be a kid”. That’s why they offer many child-friendly amenities and private patient rooms that serve as a “home away from home”.

Becuase of the generous nature of our customers, SendAFriend was able to deliver 100 GiveAFriend stuffed animal care packages to UNC Children's. After the deliveries, we heard from the UNC team. 

"We heard so many giggles, saw so many hugs, and the appreciation from the patients and their families touched our hearts."

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