25 Care Packages Delivered to Compassion Delivered

25 GiveAFriend care packages were donated to Compassion Delivered in North Canton, Ohio. We love building lasting relationships with nonprofit organizations. That’s just what we’ve done with Amanda and her compassionate crew.

With over 100 fluffy friends already delivered to those they serve, we love hearing stories about these very special deliveries. Here’s a little snippet Amanda shared recently:

A meal recipient who recently resumed services due to her illness returning received Tucker the Turtle. She told the Compassion Delivered volunteer that it made her cry because as a child she loved turtles. Of course, Compassion Delivered had no way of knowing this, but when the recipient opened her Someone Loves You package, she said “Compassion Delivered just knows.” She takes it with her to all of her treatments. So, thank you for helping us bring a bright spot into their lives.
- Amanda, Co-founder, President

Compassion Delivered serves delicious and nutritious meals to those coping with illness. Several of their meal recipients live alone and travel to and from treatment with little support. Many families have small children who are struggling to deal with the illness affecting their families. Our fluffy friend deliveries really help to brighten their day!
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