How to Wrap Stuffed Animals

blue "someone loves you" box with ribbon and a bow

Stuffed animals have universal appeal. They can add a touch of brightness to a person’s day no matter how old they are. You might have received one as your first toy when you were a newborn. Or you may have enjoyed snuggling close to your favorite plushie on your first night in your brand-new apartment.

No matter where people go, they can easily take their stuffed animals with them. There really isn’t a downside to having a fluffy friend by your side. When you think about it, the only drawback is that they can be hard to wrap. Luckily, we’ve learned a few tricks that make it easy to send a soft surprise to your favorite family member or friend.

Start by Picking Out a Stuffed Animal

Figuring out how to wrap stuffed animals is much easier when you already know the size and shape that you are going to cover. You really can’t go wrong since plush toys are more than just sentimental. They can boost your mood and give comfort to young and old alike.

When deciding which type of animal to get, you’ll want to start by thinking about what your intended recipient holds dear. Llamas are currently trending with children and adults. You can also choose a dinosaur or octopus, which are two animals that people of all ages love.monkey, cow, and penguin stuffed animal with a notecard and boxes

Browse for a Fluffy Stuffed Llama Animal

Consider the Occasion

One of the reasons why stuffed toys are so great is that they are the perfect surprise to fit any occasion. Is someone you know having a baby? If so, then they’ll love having an animal that fits their nursery theme. Or you might want to send an elephant stuffed animal as a symbol of good luck to someone who is heading off to college or embarking upon a new career.

Giving a stuffed animal to those going through a challenging time can help them cope with their situation. Sending a stuffed animal for a special occasion can help them remember a special moment. Having a theme in mind also helps you pick out the perfect packaging.

Send It in a Gift Box

Trying to wrap a four-legged fluffy animal is much harder than it looks. Plus, it is hard to disguise the long neck of a giraffe or the trunk of an elephant. Therefore, we recommend using a box that can hold the toy inside for an extra special surprise.

Our cute stuffed animals come in a special, brightly colored box. You can even have us include a personalized note. From the moment that your best friend or favorite nephew sees the box, they’ll know that they are loved.

Add Accessories for a Dramatic Impact

A stuffed toy in a cheerfully decorated box is the perfect surprise to make anyone smile, but you might also want to add some special effects. One of the benefits of using a box to wrap the toy is that there’s extra space to fill with accessory gifts. If you’re sending a gift to your best friend, then why not pamper them with some fluffy socks and bracelets?Lavender tea, bath soak, fuzzy socks, wellness journal, and a promo card

Pictured: SendAFriend's Self Care Bundle

Our gift bundles can help you add a lighthearted touch to get well packages when your recipient might benefit from some extra cheer. You can even send a cowboy bundle or the perfect plushie duo. Just imagine how much your sea-loving friends will love having a turtle and a shark stuffed toy arrive on their doorstep.

Shop Now for the Perfect Gift Bundle

Trying to wrap stuffed animals doesn’t have to be so awkward when we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our expert wrappers even know to put a little tissue paper inside to add an extra element of surprise. With our gift boxes, the hardest part is narrowing down your options to the perfect one that makes your loved one squeal with delight.

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