What to Put in a College Care Package

Winston the Wolf care package

Pictured: SendAFriend's Winston the Wolf Care Package

Wondering what to put in a college care package? Freshmen and back-to-school college students could use a little love. So whether you know someone who is homesick and missing friends and family or just needs some treats to sustain those all-nighter study sessions, here is a collection of items your college student will absolutely appreciate.  

Send a Cuddly Care Package

1. Snacks and Treats

This one is always a winner! Consumables like snacks and treats will always put a smile on a student’s face and some comfort food in the belly. From home-cooked baked goods they might be longing for to some healthy grab-and-go snacks for those quick breaks between classes, some delicious and nutritious goodies make a fantastic care package addition. Be sure to pack them in a reusable container so they can have something to pack snacks into instead of relying on those campus vending machines.  

It doesn’t have to be snacks either. Treat them to some energizing teas or gourmet coffee beans or instant coffee packets (they’ve come a long way!) for a fast cup of joe before they hit the books. Healthy energy drinks and some electrolyte or vitamin-enriched drinks can also keep their body hydrated and nourished as they make their way around campus. 

2. Insulated Water Bottles, Tumblers and Mugs

This brings us to another great idea: insulated water bottles, tumblers and coffee mugs. Add to their college care package a tumbler or water bottle with their college mascot or logo. Or just get them an insulated coffee mug to keep their favorite brew hot for an entire day’s worth of classes. Even if they’re transferring colleges in a few years, you can still get them insulated drinkware with personalized initials or a monogram or color combination that represents who they are. 

3. Cozy Slippers

Slip in a pair of cozy slippers for those days when they need to stay in and study. Slippers are far better and more comfortable than walking around on a cold dorm room floor. Even if they have a rug in their dorm, slippers make it easy to rush down the hall to pick up laundry or grab notes from a fellow student. Think faux fur slippers for ladies or sheepskin lined loafers for the guys. Of course, socks work just as well, too! And if you are gifting them a SendAFriend stuffed animal, pair the slippers or socks to go along with their favorite critter, too.  

4. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make a nice addition to a dorm room. Some indoor houseplants can even help to purify the air and create better indoor air quality. If they have a spare corner, think of larger plants like a parlor palm or rubber tree in a decorative basket. If they need all the tabletop surface they can get for books and study material, consider adding to their college care package a boho-inspired macrame hanging basket of English ivy or pothos that will dangle over the pot for a natural aesthetic. And if they lack a green thumb, succulents are super easy to care for. 

5. Supplies

A college student will always need supplies for school work. But if you know exactly what they need to get by, it puts a few extra dollars in their pocket to do with as they wish. So whether it’s simply some notebooks and pens or a new laptop or tablet, send them supplies so they can stay on top of their studies.person holding someone loves you box

Consider what they could use for their particular major or current courses. Sketchbooks and pencils for fine art majors are always a good idea. Or if they participate in college sports, get them a new pair of sneakers or sports equipment they might need. 

6. Earbuds

Earbuds are a great addition to a college care package, allowing them to listen to their favorite study music in a coffee shop or a noisy area where they just need to focus. Even if they already have a pair, it’s always a good idea to have a backup. They could keep a spare at the gym locker or in the backpack, along with one back at their dorm room. If they ride their bike to class or hit the gym regularly, treat them to a more water-resistant pair of earbuds that can withstand all the sweat, rain and more. 

7. Dorm Decor

Dorm rooms are not attractive and generally lack charm and character. But with a few well-appointed decor items, your college student can make it feel like home. Add a few dorm decor items to their college care package, such as string lights, framed photos of friends and family or other festive holiday items that can add some personality to their blah dorm room.

8. A Diffuser

Aside from colorless walls, college dorm rooms can also have funky smells. Whether it’s what someone is cooking down the hall or just a laundry basket in the corner, banish their bad odors with a scented reed diffuser or an electronic essential oil diffuser. Consider a scent that will remind them of home, energize them or ease their exam crunch anxieties.  

9. A Cute Stuffed Animalperson receiving tilly the tiger care package

Pictured: SendAFriend's Tilly The Tiger Care Package

Last, but not least, send them stuffed animals. A cute stuffed animal of their favorite creature, whether that’s a classic teddy bear or a magical unicorn, will bring a smile to their face. And, no, stuffed animals are not just for kids. They are wonderful gifts for adults, too. Stuffed animals can relieve stress and boost their spirits so they can conquer their classes this semester and feel confident. Send a complete college care package with one of SendAFriend’s Gift Bundles, including a cuddly stuffed animal and extra accessories like outfits, stickers and more. 

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