What to Put in a Care Package – 5 Creative Ideas

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Pictured: SendAFriend's Cowboy Cooper Bundle

Do you have a special someone who is away from home? Send them a special care package, filled with fun, creative gifts that will make them smile. Stuck on ideas and wondering what to put in a care package? We have you covered! Below are five creative ideas to inspire you to build the perfect care package for a special someone. From stuffed animals to games and books and more, here is a list to get you started.  

1. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are not just for kids. SendAFriend Care Packages work for all ages from all walks of life. And a stuffed animal is the perfect addition to a care package to cheer someone up and bring them a bit of comfort when they might be missing home. Great for snuggling, stuffed animals can make children, teenagers and adults feel secure during trying times.  

Don’t have a specific recipient in mind? You can always make a GiveAFriend Donation by sending a hospital care package. GiveAFriend is our gift donation program that brings stuffed animal care packages to those who could use a little love. We send it to children’s hospitals, but also women’s shelters, foster homes, nursing homes, veteran organizations and more to cheer someone up and bring them comfort.

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2. A Box of Candy and Treatsskittles, welch's, and starburst

Another great care package idea is food. More specifically, treats! But to add a creative touch and go the extra mile, gather all their favorite treats and pile them inside a box with individual compartments. Think chocolate box or a truffle box. Sort the candies, nuts, popcorn and chocolates into colorful tissue paper cups or divide the box with foam core. 

Once you have your treat assortment in the box, wrap it up in a ribbon. With this care package addition, you can reuse a chocolate box and decoupage or paint it over. It’s a super-easy way to express how sweet they are! You could even give it a movie-night twist and add their favorite movie to the care package. 

3. Homemade Body Lotions and Beauty Gifts

Self-care items are quintessential care package ideas and easy to throw in to round out a gift. However, why not take it a step further and make some soaps, body lotions and beauty gifts yourself. This creative care package might take a little effort, but it’s perfect for loved ones who have allergies and avoids harmful chemicals. Just do a quick search for DIY natural body lotion and you’ll find tons of recipes!

You could also make a special fragrance just for them. Use a few ingredients like a carrier oil, a spray bottle or roller and two to three essential oils to add a signature scent. Choose essential oils that are made to calm and soothe or invigorate – the choice is yours!

Lip balms, bath soaps and more – the list goes on! Make your homemade beauty items and add them to a reusable container like a Mason jar. 

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4. A Mug with Relaxing Herbal Teas and a Good Book

Help them unwind with this creative care package idea. If your loved one appreciates their quiet time, curled up with a soothing cup of tea and a good book, get them just that! Choose the latest novel by their favorite author or the latest comic book series. If the care package is for a child, coordinate the theme of the book with their SendAFriend stuffed animal, too. stuffed monkey with cozy bundle items

Pictured: SendAFriend's Cozy Gift Box

Of course, give them an animal-themed mug filled with satchels of tea, honey sticks and whatever they may need to make the perfect cup of tea. This creative care package idea also works for college students and adults, too. Consider swapping the herbal tea for caffeinated tea or coffee for those late nights of study or lazy-day Saturday mornings. For really young kids, hot chocolate with marshmallows is a winner, too!

5. Fun Board Games or Playing Cards

Sending a care package to someone who has been assigned bed rest? Help them fight boredom with a few board games or playing cards. Choose solo one-player board games that they can play on their own time or a few multiplayer games for when friends or family come to visit. Board games help keep the brain active and improve your mental health overall. Of course, you could always give them a pack of playing cards for games like solitaire.

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