CREATORS CLUB POLICY. By joining the Creators Club, receiving Product, and creating Work, you (“Influencer”) agree to the following statements, you are subject to entering a legal agreement that may be pursued by SendAFriend LLC (“SendAFriend”). Influencer agrees to create and post at least two (2) pieces of Work in the first 30 days of receiving Product, and at least one (1) piece of Work each 30 days thereafter. Influencer agrees to all expectations and guidelines of Creators Club and understands there could be legal action taken if expectations and guidelines are not followed. Content must comply with FTC disclosure guidelines. In the case that the Influencer has a change of mind or is otherwise unable to deliver as agreed upon, they are obligated to return any and all Product or pay full retail value of Product. Must be 18+ to participate. Minimum 50,000 views for performance-based payout. Influencer understands that they are obligated to be taxed as a subcontractor of SendAFriend LLC if payouts exceed $600 in a calendar year. SendAFriend reserves the right to refuse payout for any reason or no reason at all. Any Work made by Influencer may be included in SendAFriend advertising campaigns, promotions, social media, and website content. Influencer understands they are licensing their likeness to be used at SendAFriend’s discretion.

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