6 Cute Gifts for Corgi Lovers

a dog laying with a comet the corgi stuffed animal

Pictured: SendAFriend's Comet the Corgi Care Package

According to CNN, beloved corgis have wiggled their way into America’s top 10 favorite dogs. This comes as no surprise because corgis are an amicable breed that is full of energy, easy to take care of and quite easy to be trained. You probably know a corgi lover or corgi pet parent in your life. Here are six cute gifts that are sure to please any corgi lover. 

1. Corgi Stuffed Animal — Besides getting your corgi lover an actual corgi, you know what the next best thing is? You can get them a corgi stuffed animal. A corgi stuffed animal is the perfect gift for anyone who already has a corgi to remind them of their beloved furry friend. A stuffed animal corgi is also a great option for anyone who cannot have a dog or a corgi for whatever reason. It might be allergies or time constraints, but they don’t have to worry about any of those things with a stuffed animal corgi friend instead.

a dog sitting with a comet the corgi stuffed animal and stickerPictured: SendAFriend's Comet the Corgi Care Package

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2. Corgi Slippers — Corgis are so cute and cuddly. Why not wear some corgi slippers so you can get in on the cute and cuddly action? The corgi lover will love lounging around the house in their corgi slippers. Just picture it — they’re walking to their mailbox to get the mail in their corgi slippers. They go back inside. They pet their corgi on the head. They drink out of their ceramic mug decorated with corgis. They go to bed at night, snuggling with their stuffed animal corgi. It’s a match we’d swipe right for.

3. Corgi Baseball Cap — You don’t have to take them out to a ball game. You don’t even have to take them out with the crowd. You for sure don’t have to buy them peanuts or Cracker Jack. What you can get them is a corgi baseball cap. They’re a fun and stylish addition to anyone’s hat collection or for any corgi lover that can use some protection from the sun while sporting their favorite team: Team Corgi.

4. Dog Tee for the Corgi — If they love a good t-shirt, they’ll love one for their little dog, too. Get them a dog tee for their corgi. There are plenty of dog tees out there. Just like every person has their own unique personality and style, corgis also have their own attitude and flair. Is the corgi more laidback and would prefer a plain tee, or are they playful and energetic and would appreciate a bold print?

5. Corgi Lamp — Just before they turn out the lights at night, they’ll smile whenever they see the corgi lamp. The lamp will be their bedside companion. It pairs well with the corgi stuffed animal. Their real corgi may be amused by this bedside corgi lamp, so just be aware of that as they might actually think it’s another corgi friend just sitting there!

6. Corgi Ice Mold — Say “cheers” with a corgi ice mold. When you think of ice trays, you’re probably thinking of those standard cube trays where you can pour water and put it in the freezer to make ice cubes. Give the corgi lover a corgi ice mold instead where all they have to do is pour water into the mold, freeze it and out comes corgi-shaped ice!

a dog laying with a comet the corgi stuffed animalPictured: SendAFriend's Comet the Corgi Care Package

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    Now that you’re inspired to give cute stuffed animals to your corgi-loving pal or partner, be sure to look at all the stuffed animals that SendAFriend has to offer. From lovely puppies to majestic unicorns, you’re sure to find a stuffed animal friend that will put a smile on the face of anyone on your list. Send your friend a SendAFriend care package today to show how much you care.

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