Why Do Figure Skaters Have Stuffed Animals?

teddy bear next to "someone loves you" box

Pictured: SendAFriend's Toby the Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Care Package

Last time you watched the Olympics, did you notice skaters holding stuffed animals while they sat in the Kiss and Cry and waited for their scores? Once upon a time, fans gave flowers to their favorite skaters after a wonderful performance. Sometimes, there were so many bouquets that it was hard for the sweepers to gather them up. Officials feared that broken stems and loose staples would create dangers for other skaters, so admirers found other ways to show their love.

Now, fans toss all kinds of stuffed animals onto the ice. Many of the plushies are dressed in skating costumes. Tigers and bunnies are also popular gifts for male and female skaters. A few skaters have favorite animals or characters that become their avatars. Maybe you’ve heard of Yuzuru Hanyu, a skater from Japan who believes Winnie the Pooh brings him good luck. When fans heard about this special news, they began throwing scores of yellow bears onto the rink to show their support. Plush toys are often specially designed as mascots for important events like the Olympic Games. Skaters who win a medal or participate in a prestigious competition may also receive a commemorative toy as a reward.

Stuffed Animals Are an Expression of Love

Stuffed animals can help skaters relax while they wait for their scores or get ready for their next routine. They also create an emotional connection between fans and skaters who share their love and appreciation for each other. Figure skating can be a stressful and difficult sport, so skaters understand how important it is to feel safe and loved when things are tough. Plush toys let everyone share happiness and good feelings. Many times, the skaters thank their fans and then donate the gifts to charities that care for others who need comfort. Many children are excited to get toys from their heroes. Everyone benefits from this exchange of kindness.

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Give Away a Hug in a Box

Just like fans share affection for their favorite skaters, you can show your appreciation for your colleagues, friends, and loved ones by sending them a soft bundle of goodness. Their hearts will melt when they find an adorable fluffball inside a box, just waiting to be hugged. Showing you care will bring a smile to their face.

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You Can Make the World a Happier Place

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