6 New Mom Care Package Ideas

dexter the dino and winston the wolf stuffed animal in a "someone loves you" box

She’s done the hard part of giving birth. Now it’s time to show her how much you appreciate her. There are so many different ways to show her you’re there to support her. Here are six new mom care package ideas to get started. 

1. Stuffed Animal Care Package — What better way to show the new mom you care than with a cuddly stuffed animal care package? There will be times when the new mom doesn’t always cuddle her little loved one, such as when she gives the baby to her partner or another family member for some bonding time. She might miss snuggling with her baby at night or in the middle of the day. A stuffed animal like a cute stuffed cow will give her something to hold when it’s not her baby.

Get the New Mom a Stuffed Cow

2. Spa Day Care Package — According to research by the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of women admit they face a lot of pressure to be an involved mother. That’s a lot of stress for any mother, especially new moms. Give her the gift of relaxation with a spa day care package. That care package may come with fun spa day treats like a loofah, bath salts, bath bombs, lotions and essential oils. Consider including a gift card to a local spa so that she can spend some time outside of the house and really enjoy a proper spa day.

Dexter the Dino stuffed animal with Self Care Bundle accessoriesPictured: SendAFriend's Self Care Bundle

3. Fitness Fanatic Care Package — She loves to work out. She’s a proud fitness fanatic, and nothing’s going to stop her. Not even her seven-pound bundle of joy. Get her a fitness fanatic care package filled with all of her favorite workout gear. Create your own care package by putting together some fitness-related items like an acupressure mat to help improve circulation and speed up recovery. If she likes to log her workouts, get her a fitness journal and workout planner. Does she like games, too? Get her a fitness board game where all she has to do is roll the dice and use her own body weight to do air squats, burpees and other workouts.

4. Bookworm Care Package — If she loves to read, she’ll be a fan of a literary care package. Does she love different genres of books? Give her a date with a mystery book by creating a mystery book bundle. Each book can be wrapped up and labeled by its genre, like thriller and fantasy. She won’t know what the book is until she opens it up. If she prefers a sensory experience, give her a scented candle, tea leaves and a bath soak blend so she can have her tea, soak in the bath and read a steamy book.

5. Busy Mom Care Package — As a new mom, it’s the happiest time in her life as a new parent. It’s also the busiest time of her life. She has to cook, clean, bathe and do it all over again for the baby and herself. Give her a care package that gives her time for herself and saves her time and energy. In the busy mom care package, you can include restaurant gift cards from local restaurants that you know will deliver to her home. If you prefer to cook for your friend, go ahead and cook some freezer meals that she can stick in the microwave or oven when she’s ready to eat.

6. Night Out Care Package — Don’t let the new mom forget to take care of herself. Encourage her to get out every once in a while with a night out care package. In this care package, you can include a gift card for babysitting services so that someone else can watch the baby for a few hours while she goes out. Let her rekindle the romance with her partner by including a gift card from Groupon or LivingSocial so they can book an experience like a spa day or romantic dinner — or an overnight getaway for just the two of them.

Rowdy the Rooster stuffed animal with "someone loves you" box and notecardPictured: SendAFriend's Rowdy the Rooster Care Package

Send Her a Stuffed Animal Care Package

The best thing you can do for a new mom is to remind her how much love and support she has. After all, it takes a village to raise a child. No matter the occasion, from new births to new grads, SendAFriend has the perfect gift bundle for anyone looking for a cuddly friend.
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