8 Birthday Care Package Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love

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Maybe you’re getting excited to go to your best friend’s birthday party next weekend, or you want to send something to Grandma across the country for her birthday. There are so many great birthday gifts you can get your loved ones, so let’s start with these eight adorable birthday care package ideas your friends and family will love. 

  • Stuffed Animal Care Package — You may not be able to get them a real-life puppy, but you can get them the next best thing: a corgi stuffed animal! The cuddly stuffed animal friend is perfect for anyone who is allergic to actual pets or doesn’t have the time, energy or resources to take care of a cat or dog right now.

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  • Send Them a Personalized Bracelet — Send them a bracelet for their birthday that’s been designed just for them. If they’re a baker, you can include charms like cupcakes or sprinkles. If they love to bike, include a bicycle charm. Would they like an old-school friendship bracelet just like you two used to make when you were kids? Break out the beads, string and art supplies and make them a bracelet with their name on it.
  • Give Them a Meditation Subscription — According to the Good Body, the number of people practicing meditation has tripled since 2012. Chances are your friend or family member has tried meditation at least once, even if their version of meditation is just closing their eyes for a few minutes before they take an afternoon nap. Encourage them to hone in on their meditation practice by giving them an annual meditation subscription to a popular meditation app.
  • Deliver Some Household Essentials — Gifts can be practical, too! Send them some household essentials. There are plenty of gift boxes out there that also make for pragmatic use, like cleaning supplies or pantry staples. If you want the gift to feel a little more special and a little less like you’re buying your friend groceries, gift them some gourmet or specialty foods. Give them a supply of a set of natural cleaning products.person holding blue "someone loves you" box
  • Drop Off Aesthetic Office Supplies — This birthday gift is perfect for the person who works remotely. They may have never bothered to get their own office supplies, especially if most of their work is done on their laptop. Get them a set of pens, stationery and other essential office supplies. There are plenty of aesthetic sets you can choose from depending on their style, like animal-themed or totally decked out in glitter.
  • Buy Them a Book Bundle — Go to the bookstore and buy a collection of their favorite books. Maybe it’s a bundle of their favorite YA series. Is there a must-have classic they’ve never read before? How about that author you’re always telling them they should read?
  • Bake Some Treats — If your loved one has a sweet tooth and you love baking from scratch (even if it’s a box of brownie mix), bake them some treats. You don’t need to be a master pastry chef to bake them treats they’ll love. They’ll appreciate the gesture and know that you’re doing this to show your love. Plus, who will say “no” to some tasty treats?
  • Visit Them in Person — You can mix and match any of these birthday care package ideas when you visit them in person. Visiting your loved one in person might just be the best birthday gift of all, especially if they’re not used to seeing you — like if they live in a different country or state. If they’re the kind of person who loves surprises, you can also plan a surprise birthday party for them and give them any of these gifts when you see them.

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Make their day by giving your friend or family member any of these gifts for their birthday. They’re sure to put a smile on their face as they celebrate another wonderful year. No matter the occasion, SendAFriend has all the cute stuffed animals for every special moment — from birthdays to anniversaries and even a “just because” gift.

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