What Should You Put in a Hospital Care Package?

child in hospital bed receiving a stuffed animal care package

Having to stay in the hospital for a procedure or illness can be a scary time for anyone.  According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average length of stay for people staying in a hospital is about four days. It may sound like a short amount of time, shorter than your typical summer vacation, but it can feel like a long time for anyone sitting and sleeping by themselves in a lonely hospital. Show them you care by putting together a hospital care package with these tips. 

Send Them a Care Package

  • Things to Read — There are only so many hours your friend can spend staring at the wall, looking out the window and surfing through channels of stale cable TV shows. Give them something to read at the hospital. Take a trip to the bookstore to get them a new book in their favorite genre like that hot new thriller or classic mystery. Stop by the drugstore on the way to the hospital and get one of those cheesy gossip magazines.
  • Something to Cuddle — Give your loved one a comfort object like a stuffed animal to cuddle with. Think about what their favorite stuffed animal might be. Do they love majestic horses? Do they think wolves are really cool? Perhaps they have an affinity for a dinosaur stuffed animal. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to feel less lonely now that they have a stuffed animal friend to snuggle with at the hospital.

    Find the Perfect Stuffed Animal

    • Games to Play — Make your time with them at the hospital interactive by getting them games to play. You can get miniature versions of board games like chess, checkers or Scrabble. That way, it’ll be easier to play the game in a small hospital room, especially if they’re sharing their room with another patient. If they want to take the game home or you want to take it back on their behalf, it’ll be easier to carry a small version of any classic board games than it would be to carry an entire chess or checkers set back and forth.
    • Yummy Food to Eat — Hospitals aren’t exactly known for their gourmet food selection. Be a champ and get your loved one some real, yummy food to eat. Just be mindful if they have any dietary restrictions, especially while they’re at the hospital. If you’re visiting your friend at the hospital who’s about to give birth, don’t give her raw sushi. If your mother is at the hospital because of a heart condition, you’ll want to give her food that’s in line with her heart-healthy diet.
    • A Thoughtful Card — Now that you have some ideas for what thoughtful gifts you want to put in your care package, don’t forget about a handwritten card for your loved one. You can get multiple people to sign the card like their friends, family members and coworkers. They’ll appreciate the sentiment along with the fun gift you get them.
    • Reusable Tote Bags — With a reusable tote bag, they can bring home any other gifts that people who visit them in the hospital give them. If they need an extra bag for their clothes and toiletries, it’ll be helpful if you give them a reusable tote bag. If you want to transport a care package in a bag instead, go for the tote bag instead.
    moon socks, three stickers, worry stone, bath soak, and matching bracelets

    With all of these ideas in mind, your loved one is sure to appreciate all the thought you put into making their hospital care package extra special. From hard times to celebrations, SendAFriend will be there for you to help spread the love. Take a look at our gift bundles to send to your friends and family whenever they can use a smile.

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