7 Care Package Ideas for a Breakup

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Breakups are tough. If you’ve ever been there, you know what it feels like to be totally heartbroken and consumed by your own thoughts. Even if a breakup is amicable, it can still feel like the loss of more than just a romantic partner. You’ve lost a friend, a travel buddy, your go-to person for your favorite Netflix show to watch together. While time and perspective may help someone get over a breakup in due time, you can make someone or yourself feel better in the meantime with any of these seven care package ideas for a breakup.

  • Stuffed Animal Care Package — After a breakup, they may be craving the feeling of holding someone at night. It’s all perfectly normal. During that transition, give them a chance to hug something soft and cuddly like a dinosaur stuffed animal.
Get a Dinosaur Stuffed Animal
  • Sticker Care Package — Let your newly single friend unleash some frustration and get creative with the sticker care package. If there are certain designs they enjoy, get them ones with their favorite animal or with their favorite hobby. If they’re a Meme Queen, get them different stickers with memes on them. They can put these stickers on their laptop, their water bottle flask or their journal. The sticker care package goes hand-in-hand with our next care package on this list: the arts and crafts care package!
  • Arts and Crafts Care Package — There’s something to be said about being able to use arts and crafts as a medium for expressing one’s self. When someone is going through a breakup, chances are they’re going through all different kinds of feelings. They might be in denial the breakup is even happening. They might be angry, sad, hurt or trying to get back with the ex, who they definitely shouldn’t be texting at 2 a.m. Give them something else to do at 2 a.m., like an arts and crafts project instead.
  • Food Delivery or Meal Kit Subscription Care Package Maybe they used to love dining out or cooking with their ex. Their memories are filled with dinners they used to cook together or boozy brunch Sundays. Let them create new foodie memories with a food delivery or meal kit subscription care package. If they love cooking and trying out new recipes every week, a meal kit subscription service could be a fun new hobby for them. If they’re not the type to actually cook at home, get them easy peasy food delivery where all they have to do is heat up the food in the microwave or oven.
  • Spa Day Care Package — Invite them to take a moment for themselves with a spa day care package. That means including items like bath soaks, candles, body butters and handmade soaps. Know what pairs well with a little spa day TLC? A cute corgi stuffed animal is the perfect companion to a bubble bath.
    Send a Care Package
    • Book Care Package — According to a survey from Your Tango, our technology addiction really isn’t helping us move on from our ex. Fifty-nine percent of people remained friends with their ex on FB, and 48 percent say they browse their ex’s Facebook page or other social media profiles too often. Instead of getting hung up on their latest IG post or whatever random videos they’re posting on TikTok, send someone a book care package instead so they can focus on a new book. It could be a number of books from a specific author or genre they like. If they’re not a hardcopy book person, you can gift them an audiobook subscription or a gift card to redeem eBooks of their choice.
    • Cocktail Care Package — Put down the bottle of wine. It’s time to put together some cocktails instead. A cocktail care package can inspire them to learn how to make some new and classic cocktails they can enjoy drinking, too!

    Although breakups are never easy, SendAFriend is there to help send a thoughtful care package after every goodbye. After all, every goodbye is a new hello. For any occasion — from sad breakups to happy anniversaries and everything else in between — SendAFriend has all the cuddly care packages for all your loved ones, including yourself!

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