7 Get Well Soon Care Package Ideas

penguin, bat, and wolf stuffed animal care packages

When someone you care about is sick or going through a hard time, there’s nothing we want more than to see them well and smiling once again. From that classic stuffed animal care package to a yummy food care package, here’s how you can put a smile on their face with any of these seven get well soon care package ideas.

  • Stuffed Animal Care Package — Make their day by sending them an elephant stuffed animal. If they’re stuck at the hospital or ordered to stay bedridden at home, they’ll love cuddling with a stuffed animal. It doesn’t have to be an elephant. It can be any of their favorite animals, like a dog or a wolf. If they’ve ever dreamed of having a beautiful unicorn, make their dreams come true with their very own unicorn cuddle-sized friend.
Send an Elephant Stuffed Animal
  • Spa Day Care Package — Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation from time to time. Feel like you’re a world away with a spa care package. This kind of care package can include anything from bath bombs to loofahs. If your person has a bathtub or a jacuzzi at home, they can soak in the bath with some Epsom salts. If they don’t have either of those options at home, give them spa day goodies they can use in the shower, like body washes and body scrubs. Include a gift card to a local spa.
  • Creativity Care Package — Sometimes, they just need to not think about being sick for a little while. Allow them their own space to create with a creativity care package. If they’re an artist, get them a drawing pad. If they’re a writer, get them a notebook. A musician would love blank sheet music so they can write their own songs.
Get Them a Llama Stuffed Animal
  • Book Care Package — When someone is sick in bed, they often wish they weren’t. Even when we’re feeling 100 percent, couldn’t we all use an escape from our everyday lives? What better way to transport one’s self from their routine to a whole other era or world than with a book care package? You can get them books from an author they’re a fan of or a genre they love.
  • Comfy Care Package — According to a survey from SurveyMonkey, 68 percent of people consider gift giving to be one of their love languages. Chances are that the person you’re planning on giving a care package to would love and could use a little comfy care package. In a comfy care package, get them all the essentials they’ll need to snuggle up, whether they’re at the hospital or at home. Think of comfy pajamas, compression socks and an eye mask so they can rest their eyes and take naps or sleep in peace.
  • Floral Care Package — There’s a reason why some gifts are classic. That includes a care package with flowers in them. For those who are sick or recovering, some flowers that are associated with lifting spirits include pretty carnations, happy gerberas and a traditional bouquet of roses.
  • Food Care Package — You can’t go wrong with sending someone some comfort food when they’re not feeling their best. Be sure to ask them if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions before you send them food. Otherwise, they’re sure to love some sweet or savory treats you send them.
    Buy a Care Package Today

    You can mix and match any of these care packages together. If you want to send florals and food, or stuffed animals with pajamas, SendAFriend has unique and curated bundles as well. For all occasions, we have the perfect stuffed animal friend to send anyone you’re thinking of.

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