What to Put in a Care Package for a Friend

woman receiving stuffed tiger care package

Pictured: SendAFriend's Tilly the Tiger Stuffed Animal Care Package

Missing your bestie? They’re probably missing you, too! Whether they had to travel away for college or they’re just feeling a little sick or blue, let them know they are in your thoughts with a care package filled with delightful gifts to cheer them up until you reunite. Stuck on ideas? Here are some clever and thoughtful items to put in a care package for a friend. 

1. A Cute Stuffed Animal to Cuddle

We may be a little bit biased, but cute stuffed animals are some of our absolute favorite additions to a care package for a friend. Not just for kids, stuffies offer many benefits for adults, too. They can relieve stress with their plush, pettable materials the same way a pet can. And hugging them can help us to not feel so lonely. That’s why a stuffed animal is an excellent gift to put inside a care package. Give them a stuffie of their favorite animal or a bear stuffed animal to beat the blues and make them smile. SendAFriend stuffies come with a personalized note. Plus, when you send a friend, we donate 10 percent of net profits to nonprofit organizations. Now doesn’t that feel good?

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2. A Book About Their Favorite Activities and Hobbies

If you know your friend like the back of your hand, you know what makes them spark. Whether they’re an adventure junkie or love anything crafty or DIY, there’s a book for it! Sure, you can get them the latest book by their favorite author, but who are we kidding? They probably already have it.

Instead, look for a hardcover book that is all about their favorite activities or hobbies. If they love to take photographs, get them a book about new photography techniques or a book about the works of their favorite photographer. Do they like to keep busy with DIY projects, knitting or painting? Then get them a book related to those hobbies! With an abundance of books available, you can find anything!

3. A Tabletop Succulent That’s Easy to Care for

Plants always make great gifts. Yes, even for those without a green thumb. You just have to know your plants and choose something that’s not too fussy. What’s the easiest plant to care for? A succulent, of course! In your care package for your friend, carefully place a tiny potted succulent (or big one, if they love plants!). The great thing about succulents, too, is that they can survive the journey and look just as perky when the care package is finally delivered. 

4. Treats, Nibbles and Sipsmonkey stuffed animal assembling smores

Pictured: SendAFriend's Maria the Monkey Stuffed Animal

Consumables are always a fantastic care package addition for just about anyone. But when it’s a care package for a friend, fill it with all of their favorite treats, nibbles and drinks that you know they will love. Cookies, brownies, caramels – oh my! The ideas here are endless. For an extra thoughtful care package gift, send them homemade treats, baked with love in your own kitchen. Of course, make sure they can enjoy it with a complementing beverage, like a cup of tea or some gourmet coffee. Add some tea bags, honey or a bag of beans from their favorite roaster back home. Sugar and coffee are the perfect pick-me-ups!

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5. A Sentimental Photo Collage or Album

Long gone are the days when we printed photos. Today, they sit as digital files on our clouds, often forgotten. But if you and your friend go way back, you probably have a stash of funny, ridiculous photos of the two of you together. Browse your online photos to create a collection and then add them to a photo album. Even if you’re new besties, you can create a fun collage of your recent shenanigans and playdates together. Without revealing the surprise, reach out to your friend and ask them if they have any favorite photos, too. The end result will still make them smile.

6. Friendship Jewelry

matching true friend braceletsOkay, we know what you’re thinking, but friendship bracelets are no longer saccharine and tacky. Today, friendship bracelets and necklaces have been modernized into a more aesthetically-pleasing look. Whether it’s a simple pair of friendship rings, a charm combination or a pendant necklace, friendship jewelry can be as elegant or fun as you want it to be. Today, you can find friendship jewelry like vibrating touch bracelets that will let your friend know you’re thinking of them. 

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