7 Adorable Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

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Perhaps the love for dinosaurs began when they watched The Land Before Time for the first time. Perhaps they’ve always been fascinated by these big, fierce and extinct animals. Even though dinos no longer roam this Earth, there are plenty of ways to show your love for these once great creatures. If you have a dinosaur lover in your life, whether they’re your sweet child or your whimsical spouse, read on to get inspired by seven adorable gifts for every dino lover.

1. Dino Stuffed Animal — Time to snuggle up with a dinosaur stuffed animal. There’s something so calming about being able to hug a stuffed animal friend — especially one as fun as a dinosaur. Dinosaurs may seem large and scary, but a stuffed animal dino won’t bite. Whether you want to give a dino to yourself or send a stuffed animal care package to a dino lover, they’re sure to appreciate a little dino friend.

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2. Dino Towel — What better way to dry off from the shower or bath than with a dino towel. You can put the hood of the towel over your head while the tail of the towel goes down your back. You’ll look exactly like a dinosaur but much warmer and snugglier.

3. Inflatable Dino Toy — Get an inflatable dino toy for the dino-loving kid that would love to hop around on a dinosaur. Think of it as one of those bouncing balls that they’re totally in control of. They can bounce around the living room or backyard on their inflatable dinosaur.

4. Fossil Dig Kit — Inspire your dinosaur lover’s inner paleontologist with a fossil dig kit. They’ll be entertained for hours as they dig around for dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures like brachiopods and mosasaurs. These kits come with tools that real paleontologists use, like a chisel and brush.

5. Build Your Own Dinosaur Kit — There are a bunch of different kinds of build your own dinosaur kits. Some are made of plastic, others are 3D puzzles and some are made out of wood. They often come with moveable parts, so you’ll be able to play around with your dinosaur and set them on adventures. For a budding baby dinosaur lover, you can get them a name puzzle with their name designed with a dinosaur-inspired theme.

6. Dinosaur Night Light — Snooze the night away with a dinosaur night light. Many dinosaur night lights come with different colors and light settings so you can set the mood or your dino lover’s favorite color. You can combine this night light, along with any of the other gifts on this list, into a thoughtful care package for your dinosaur lover. Whether it’s a birthday gift, a going away present or one “just because,” they’re sure to love all these creative dino gifts.

child receiving Dexter the Dinosaur stuffed animal care packagePictured: SendAFriend's Dexter the Dinosaur Care Package

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7. Modeling Clay Dinos — Get down with modeling clay and mold some dinosaurs. Inspire creativity by building all sorts of dinosaurs, from the cinematic Tyrannosaurus Rex to the epic Pterodactyl. Follow instructions that come with the modeling clay dino kit to help shape the facial features and different textures of these dinosaurs.

If you have a little one who is totally enamored with dinosaurs, they’re not alone. According to CNN, studies show that while one of the most common specific interests for children is vehicles, the next most popular category is dinosaurs. With any of these creative dinosaur lover gifts, be sure to also look at some gift bundles as options for personalized care packages. These bundles come with cuddly stuffed animals, adorable accessories, outfits, stickers and more.

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