6 of the Best Stuffed Animals for Adults

Mother receiving Cooper the Cow care package from son

Pictured: SendAFriend's Cooper the Cow Care Package

Whether it’s for a friend, a special someone or for yourself, a stuffed animal makes a wonderful gift. They are soft, cuddly and just so cute. Who can possibly resist? Whether it’s their goofy friendly grin or their cuddly bellies, a stuffie appeals to anyone – even adults! But just what kinds of stuffed animals make an adult smile? Any! But if you are searching for a gift and not sure where to start, there are some that we would suggest first. Here are the six best stuffed animals for adults, from Sam the Sloth to Unique the Unicorn.   

Yes, Stuffies Are for Adults, Too!

Okay, first let’s address the stuffed elephant in the room. Stuffed animals are not just for kids. Adults – yes, grown adults – can appreciate a stuffed animal just as much. In fact, there are many benefits to owning a stuffed animal as an adult. Not convinced? Here are just a few ways a stuffed animal can brighten any adult's day. 

  • With a stuffed animal's soft fur, they reduce stress similar to the way a pet does, releasing mood-boosters like serotonin and oxytocin. 
  • Stuffed animals bring back pleasant memories of childhood and nostalgia.
  • A stuffed animal can help adults grieve through a loss (whether that’s a death or a divorce) and to deal with existential fear.
  • Stuffed animals can bring companionship to someone when they are missing home and feeling lonely.

Now that you know what these cuddly creatures are capable of, let’s explore some of SendAFriend’s best stuffed animals for adults.  

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SendAFriend’s 6 Best Stuffed Animals for Adults

In this collection, we offer our best stuffed animals for adults and the young at heart.

1. Sam the Sloth

If you’re a fully-grown adult who can melt down like Kristen Bell over sloths, boy have we got the perfect sloth stuffed animal for you! With his big brown eyes and mischievous grin, Sam the Sloth is nothing but cuddles. He’ll slowly crawl his way into your heart with a big hug. Need to create a gift basket for a special someone? Be sure to check out our other sloth gift ideas, too!Sam the Sloth stuffed animal

2. Eli the Elephant

Eli the Elephant has a big heart. All the more to love! With a long, graceful trunk, he’ll reach out when you’re feeling blue or need a cuddle. And in case you didn’t know, elephants are notoriously good listeners, too, with their giant ears. Pick up Eli the Elephant for an adult friend or loved one who needs a friend to talk to. 

3. Winston the Wolf

Even a free-spirited lone wolf needs a companion from time to time. Always good for a snuggle, Winston the Wolf will stay up all night with you, howling at the moon. Brave, loyal and fun-loving, Winston makes a great stuffed animal gift for adults who love the wilderness, camping and beyond. Make Winston the Wolf part of your pack today.

4. Unique the Unicorn

Do you believe in magic? We do! Unique the Unicorn is a special stuffed animal that even a grown adult can appreciate. Don’t believe us? Just look at our list of the Best Unicorn Gifts for Adults. With plush pink fur and a violet-colored mane and tail, Unique the Unicorn will make anyone feel special and one-of-a-kind. Perfect for birthdays and much, much more, this unicorn stuffie will make anyone smile. 

5. Comet the Corgi

Comet the Corgi will make you feel like royalty. With a peach-shaped rump and fluffy orange fur, this corgi is confident and quirky. Comet also has perky ears that will always be there to listen to your troubles and a smile that is irresistible and contagious.  

6. Lawrence the Llama

Who’s super fluffy and free of drama? Lawrence the Llama, that’s who. One of the best stuffed animals for adults, this cute llama has the floppiest legs around and loves to show off his dance moves. Present a special someone with a Lawrence the Llama stuffed animal and it will surely make them smile. 

Lawrence the Llama stuffed animal care packagePictured: SendAFriend's Lawrence the Llama Care Package

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