How to Create a Thoughtful Care Package for New Parents

a stuffed monkey, cow, and penguin "someone loves you" care package

You have friends and family members who are so excited to share their new bundle of joy with the world. They might be across the country or just down the road. Either way, it’s important to be there for them during this exciting and often challenging new time. One time-tested and fond way to show them you care is with a care package. That care package can include anything from a gift card to a babysitting service to a cuddly corgi stuffed animal for them to enjoy. Here’s how to send them a care package to show them that they have your love and support.

  1. Make Your Own Care Package — If you really want to make your gift personal, you can make your own care package. You can get a large gift basket, some ribbon and gift basket shrink wrap. The best part about making your own care package is that you can pick and choose exactly what kinds of items go into the gift basket. You can make your own theme, like a blue theme for a baby boy or a pink theme for a baby girl. If they’re a family of animal lovers or if they have any pets, you can include a stuffed animal in the basket.

    Get Them a Stuffed Animal

    1. Send a Pre-Assembled Care Package — They say it takes a village to raise a child. Sure, you’re part of the new parents’ village of said child, but do you really have the time to sit around and make your own care package from scratch? Most of us don’t, and we’re better off just sending a pre-assembled care package than trying to handcraft one ourselves. Send them a stuffed animal friend in a care package where all you have to do is go online and enter their contact information. You don’t have to shrink wrap anything.
    1. Get Them Gifts They’ll Actually Use — Flowers are nice. Chocolates are tasty. What these new parents can really use are gifts in a care package they’ll actually use. A cuddly stuffed animal can double as a neat decoration for the baby’s room. It can also be that child’s favorite toy as they continue to grow. Some other practical gifts you can get them include experiences like a cooking class or spa day — anything to remind these parents that one day they’ll feel like fully functioning adults again. A gift card to a babysitting service would also be helpful.

    Send a Care Package

    1. Send a Care Package for Parents and Baby — Get something for both the parents and the baby. Take a look at their baby registry and see if there’s anything left on their list that hasn’t been bought yet. Send a gift to the parents for something that you know they’ll enjoy. If they have any hobbies or interests, send them a gift like a yoga mat if they love yoga or a book from their favorite author if they love reading. Just because they’re parents doesn’t mean they have to give up everything they love.
    2. Have a Sense of Humor — According to a survey from Boudreaux's Butt Paste, only 12 percent of parents felt very prepared to be a parent. It’s very likely that the new parents are feeling anxious about having a new child. Even if they’re part of that confident 12 percent, being a new parent is still something to be celebrated. Liven up the mood and have a sense of humor when you’re sending the care package. Include a thoughtful note and a tasteful joke or quote when you send the care package. It’ll make them smile when they receive something funny and kind from you.Five "punny" notecards
    3. Send Food — Send them food that’s easy to eat. You might take the lead here and cook or bake them homemade meals. You can also send them a pre-assembled care package of food that includes items like dinner rolls and soup. The point is that you’ll want to send them food that’s quick to heat up when they’re busy taking care of the baby.
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