7 Fun Cow-Themed Gifts

cooper the cow stuffed animals with notecard and box

Pictured: SendAFriend's Cooper the Cow Care Package

Looking for some cattle gifts for cow lovers that are sure to amooooose them? Check out our udderly awesome list of seven fun cow-themed gifts. If you get inspired by any of the items on this list, don’t be afraid to mix and match any of these themed gifts to create a cow-themed gift basket. Better yet, let SendAFriend do the work for you and have us send a gift bundle for you. After all, have we ever steered you wrong before?

  • Cow Stuffed Animal — When you can’t get them a real-life cow, get them the next best thing: their very own snuggly cow stuffed animal friend. With a cow stuffed animal, they’ll be able to cuddle up with this adorable creature. Fuzzy ears. Little horns. A big smile. What’s not to love about this cuddly cow they can actually hug in bed?
Send a Cow Stuffed Animal
  • Cow Tote Bag — Skip the leather bag. Wear a cow-print tote bag instead. A cow tote bag will be a fashionable choice whenever the cow lover in your life wants to run errands like shopping or going to the grocery store. They can leave the cow tote bag in their car whenever they go shopping. If they’re headed to the beach, they can put their beach day items in this cow tote bag. It’s quite versatile and will work well through all the seasons.
  • Cow Socks — If they love the cow-patterned tote bag, they’ll love a pair of cow-patterned socks. Socks are a great option for anyone looking for a little bit more of a playful look. If they want a look that’s sure to turn – or should we say moooove – heads, then they can wear cow patterns from head to toe. That includes the tote bag we previously mentioned and this next fashionable accessory.cow socks, cowboy hat, and cow stickers hanging by clothes pinsPictured: SendAFriend's Cowboy Cooper Bundle
  • Cow Necklace — A cow necklace is truly a fun cow-themed accessory. It can be a necklace with a fun cartoon pendant of a cow. It can be one that’s metal and more abstract or minimalist. It can simply be a necklace that’s inspired by the pattern of cowhide. You’re sure to find a necklace design for any cow lover.
  • Cow AirPods Case — For the person who loves to listen to music on their AirPods or wireless earbuds, get them a cow-themed AirPods or wireless earbuds case. It’ll protect their wireless earbuds case. It’ll also add some flair to this accessory. Plus, who doesn’t want to look at a cute cow case for their AirPods right before they’re about to listen to mooooosic?
  • Cow Purse or Backpack — Sometimes, we just need something practical like a backpack or purse. Sometimes, we want something practical that’s also fashionable and fun, like a cow-inspired purse or backpack. For anyone on the younger side or anyone of any age who can use a little company, a cow stuffed animal pairs nicely with a cow purse or backpack. The stuffed animal cow can act as a companion during any long travels or any travel, even if it’s just to school for the day.
Get Them a Stuffed Animal Care Package
  • Cow Travel Mug — According to Clover Meadows Beef, cows are social animals that don’t like to be alone. Never be alone again the next time you’re commuting with your favorite cup of coffee or having an afternoon tea. Your cow-inspired travel mug will keep you company.

Whether you’re looking for a cow print t-shirt or a stuffed animal care package so you can send someone their very own cuddle-size cow, SendAFriend has care packages for every animal lover. From birthdays to anniversaries and all the special moments in between, send someone you care about a thoughtful gift like a cuddly stuffed animal to remind them you care.

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