Do Adults Still Sleep with Stuffed Animals?

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Stuffed animals aren’t just for elementary school kids who are afraid of the dark or your niece who needs a comfort object to go to sleep. In the same way that there are many adults who still enjoy playing with LEGO sets, action figures and having collectibles, there are plenty of adults who still sleep with stuffed animals. Read on to learn about the reasons why people of all ages love these cuddly friends. 

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  • It’s Totally Normal to Sleep with Stuffed Animals — Sure, you have your throw blanket at the end of the bed. You have your soft pillows and your firm pillows. You even have that one decorative pillow you got on sale at your favorite department store. Just because you’re all grown up and have your grown-up-looking furniture and bed sheets doesn’t mean that you have to give up sleeping with stuffed animals. If that’s something you do already or have been thinking about doing for a while, be that adult who sleeps with a giraffe stuffed animal. After all, you’re a grownup now and can do whatever you want.
  • They’re a Comfort Object — When we grow up, our comfort objects might become a morning cup of coffee or that after-work glass of wine. Many people use their smartphone as a comfort object when they’re feeling impatient while waiting for their doctor’s appointment or awkward at a party where they don’t know other people. In the privacy of your own home, use cute stuffed animals as comfort objects. If you have to travel for work, it might help you to have a stuffed animal when you hit the road and want to have something that feels like home with you.
  • They’re Collectibles — Stuffed animals are toys that can be passed down from one generation to another. Your treasured stuffed animal when you were a kid may not be in the best shape anymore. You may not have known or weren’t taught how to take care of a stuffed animal. Now that you’re an adult, you’ll know how to clean and care for your stuffed animal. You can start a collection of all of your favorite animals.
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  • They’re for the Kid at Heart — According to a study done by OnePoll in conjunction with LifeStorage, 84 percent of men and 77 percent of women have at least one stuffed animal. That’s the overwhelming majority of adults who have stuffed animals. You’re not alone if you have a stuffed animal. The data shows that there are more kids at heart than adults who don’t have stuffed animals. Keep in mind that data is just for people who openly admit that they have a stuffed animal. It might even be higher for anyone who hasn’t told the truth about keeping a stuffed animal friend at home.
  • They Remind Us of Our Childhood — Some of us had great childhoods that we’re all nostalgic about and would love to go back to. Others may have had childhoods that they weren’t so fond of and want to move on from. No matter what your childhood experience was, you can recreate your childhood with fond memories or soothe your inner child with a stuffed animal.
  • They Reduce Stress and Anxiety — The real world is full of stressors and triggers that can increase our stress or give us anxiety. Having a stuffed animal to cuddle with can help reduce our stress and anxiety. They’re trusted companions to hold when we’re feeling down. We’re a little less lonely and a bit more comforted when we have our favorite teddy bear by our side.

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