7 Cute and Fun Gift Ideas for a Graduate

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They’re growing up so fast! Perhaps they’re graduating high school and going off to college somewhere far away. Maybe they’re graduating college, entering into an exciting new phase of adulthood. They might be starting their career or moving to a new city. Not sure what to get them? From a huggable giraffe stuffed animal for the animal lover to the trendy laptop stand for the budding business major, here are seven cute and fun gift ideas for a graduate. 

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  1. Scratch-Off Map — According to Expedia Media Solutions, 90 percent of Gen Z’s travel destination decisions are influenced by social media and businesses that have a positive branding. Your Gen Z graduate has probably been scrolling through their social media feed and getting all sorts of exciting travel ideas. Do they want to take a gap year before they go off to college? Inspire them to study abroad or live in another country by getting them a scratch-off map for their wall. They can scratch off all the countries they’ve been to or dream of going to one day.
    1. Stuffed Animal — No matter what’s going on with this eager new graduate, cute stuffed animals will be there to keep them company and remind them of you when they're feeling lonely. Stuffed animals aren’t just for kids. They’re cuddly companions that can help ease the stress and anxiety of new life phases like graduating from high school or college. Give them a stuffed animal, and they’ll smile when they hold it close to their heart.George the Giraffe stuffed animal wearing a graduation hat surround by Smarties candy

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    1. Reusable Thermos — Is your graduate a coffee or tea lover? Maybe they just want to drink more water. Either way, get them a reusable thermos. When they’re going about their day-to-day, they’ll feel better knowing that they’re not buying single-use plastic water bottles or coffee cups. They can save money as well by making their favorite caffeinated beverage at home.
    2. Business Card Holder — Whether they’re an excited little intern or getting their first desk job out of college, they’ll appreciate you giving them a personalized business card holder. Get them one engraved with their name or initials. It’s a thoughtful gesture and will inspire them to get out there, network and be proud of their accomplishments.
    3. Custom Journals — We’re all so used to our electronics, from our phones to our laptops and everything else in between. When we’re constantly buzzing with an Apple Watch on our wrist and scrolling through our tablets, we often forget to take a step back and just sit with ourselves. Get the graduate their very own custom journal to remind them of the small and important things in life. If there’s a particular hobby or interest they have, you can get them a journal inspired by that theme, like their favorite movie or workout class. You can engrave their name on the front of the journal as well, so they know it’s totally theirs. Write a note in the beginning of the journal to encourage them to write down their thoughts and experiences during their exciting new graduation phase.
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    1. Laptop Stand — Sitting all day isn’t good for anyone. Get the graduate a laptop stand so they can be on their feet and stretch their legs. An adjustable laptop stand can adjust to their eye level. They won’t be hunching over their screen anymore. Goodbye to back and neck pain. They’ll thank you for this practical gift, and so will their back.
    2. Meal Delivery KitsNothing says care quite like a care package. If someone’s going off to college or starting their new job, they’re going to be so busy that they might not have time to cook a proper meal for themselves. Send them a meal delivery kit. If they have a particular dietary preference or any dietary restrictions, there are meal kits that cater to a variety of needs.
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