How to Display Stuffed Animals for Adults

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There are many ways to store away cute stuffed animals to keep a child’s bedroom neat and tidy. But when you want to keep your favorites front and center – like your unicorn stuffed animal – how do you show them off without making your space, well, appear like a child’s bedroom? With a few thoughtful, elegant additions, it’s completely possible!

Learn how to display stuffed animals for adults for a less fussy look in your bedroom and beyond. Below, we have offered a list of suggestions for showcasing your favorite stuffies in a more mature way. 

Inside a Glass-Front Bookcase

Bookcases are great for lots of things – even stuffed animals! Choose a bookcase with a glass front that can display your entire collection of stuffed animals and toys. With a glass front door, you can arrange them in a unique way. 

Arrange them side by side in small clusters by color for a more cohesive look or set them side by side in an orderly line to give them a little breathing room. A glass-front bookcase is a wonderful way to display stuffed animals for adults who still keep a special collection within reach.

Individual Plexiglass Boxes

Do you have a few older stuffed animals that need preserving or ones that mean the world to you? Keep them safe and clean and away from dust inside a plexiglass box hung from the wall or positioned on a shelf. 

If they sit on their own, simply rest them inside. If they need a little assistance standing, prop them up with a metal doll stand. You can find metal doll stands easily. Just go to an arts and crafts store or search online if you need them in bulk for your entire collection.  

In a Framed Shadow Box

Another way to protect your favorite stuffed animals, especially ones you’ve had since childhood, is with a shadow box. Shadow boxes are perfect for stuffed animals that you wish to showcase and they can easily be added inside bookcases or up on a shelf, too.  

Make sure to order a shadow box that is deep enough to hold your stuffed animal. Fortunately, they come in all sorts of sizes and depths. 

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Floating Shelves

Want to display your stuffed animals and free up floor space? Open floating shelves are the perfect thing. Choose floating shelves made of wood to match your existing furniture, blending seamlessly with the decor. For a more modern look, you can even choose clear plexiglass shelves to truly give them a floating feeling.

You could also use a series of floating shelves around the perimeter of your room, positioned about 12 inches from the ceiling, to accommodate your entire collection of stuffed animals, toys and even your favorite books. It’s plenty of space for it all and keeps your collections above the line of sight so the room appears clean and clutter-free. If you have an unused corner space, make the most of it with a series of stacked shelves to display your favorite stuffed animals. 

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Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are another way to display stuffed animals for adults. Like corner shelves, hanging baskets are perfect for those spaces that often go ignored and unused. Hang an elegant basket that fits with the overall style and decor of your space, whether that’s a rustic metal wire fruit basket or a woven macrame basket. Choose multiple tiers and divvy up the baskets with stuffed animals, clothing accessories or faux florals for a more elevated look. 

As a Cute Pillow

At the end of the day, stuffed animals don’t need a special case or shelf. You can always display them proudly as a quirky pillow on a bed or accent chair. As a child, you might want to cover your entire headboard or sofa in your little furry creatures, but as an adult, think more minimally with one or two. 

Add a well-placed stuffed animal in the forefront of layered Euro shams and bed pillows as a cheeky and fun addition to your bedroom. Or simply place one in the corner of a lounge chair, coordinating the fur with a throw blanket or the upholstery. This display method works really well for stuffed animals that are on the larger size, too. 

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