7 Adorable Sloth Gift Ideas

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Pictured: SendAFriend's Sam the Sloth Care Package

Know someone who absolutely adores sloths? If they share the same obsession for this slow-moving creature as celebrity Kristen Bell, then it’s safe to say they will totally love a sloth gift or two. Looking for sloth-inspired items? Here are seven sloth gift ideas that are sure to make someone’s day a little bit brighter and snugglier. 

1. A Sloth Stuffed Animal

First off, we have the SendAFriend Sloth Stuffed Animal. But Sam the Sloth is so much more than a stuffed animal. And stuffed toys aren’t just for little ones. They can provide comfort and security when going through difficult transitional periods, too. Sam the Sloth sits wherever you need him most with a mischievous grin on his face and super soft fluffy fur. 

Sam the Sloth is also sent with a personalized notecard and can be made into a complete care package for the cuddliest care. With a SendAFriend Care Package, you can also give them some of our sloth-related accessories to complete your sloth stuffed animal gift idea. Choose from items like a sloth sticker or a Cozy Box Add-On that offers a pair of socks, a mug with hot cocoa, a candle and even a blanket to keep warm. cozy bundle items

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2. A Sloth Mug

What better way to cheer someone up than with a sloth mug – perfect for those slow, lazy mornings. Whether it’s used for a heart-warming and soothing cup of tea or an energy-boosting cup of coffee, a mug with a sloth illustration or sloth-wrapped design or shape will make crawling out of bed a little easier. Round out this gift addition with their favorite warm beverage and even some homemade cookies. 

3. Sloth Slippers

Of course, when they do roll out of bed, make sure they keep their feet nice and toasty, too, with a pair of fuzzy faux fur sloth slippers. With big innocent black eyes on your toes, they can slow their roll for a few hours as they unwind at the end of a day. But sloth slippers are also perfect for those days when you just want to hibernate and relax all day inside with a good book or a movie. 

4. Sloth Art or Illustration 

To go along with Sam the Sloth and your SendAFriend Care Package, another sloth gift idea would be a piece of art or illustration. Since sloths have become increasingly popular, there have been an endless number of creatives making their mark with sloth-inspired sketches and graphical images. So take your pick and frame it as a gift for your special someone. 

5. Sloth Coloring Book

Know an artist yourself? Give them a sloth coloring book with outlines of cute sloths living life in the slow lane, hanging from the treetops, stretching for fruit and just looking really adorable. Plus, coloring books are a fantastic way to step away from digital devices and screens and focus on a more mindful, calming and stress-reducing activity. Just like our stuffed animals, it’s great for kids and adults alike!

6. Sloth Journal

Another sweet sloth gift idea is a sloth journal. With lots on their mind, give them plenty of pages to fill with their hopes, dreams or whatever they need to get off their chest. Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to fight anxiety and depression, too. So if you know someone who is sloth obsessed and loves to jot down their thoughts, a journal with a sloth on the cover makes a wonderful gift. You can even add a sloth bookmark to help them keep their place!

7. Adopt a Sloth

With a SendAFriend, you can send a stuffed animal care package with Sam the Sloth and donate a portion of each purchase to nonprofit organizations dedicated to making the world a better place. But if you feel like giving even more, one of the best sloth gift ideas is to adopt a sloth. So how can you adopt a sloth on behalf of a friend or loved one? Through the Sloth Institute, you can donate to help orphaned and injured sloths be rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild where they belong. Now, doesn’t that sound like the perfect gift for sloth enthusiasts?

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