A Helpful Guide: How to Send a Care Package

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When a loved one is sick, away from home or missing someone special, a care package is the next best thing to being by their side. If you’ve never sent someone a care package before, it can feel a little overwhelming. But we’re here to help you master the process. You’ll be surprised to find just how easy it is to send a box of love and care from afar!

Know Where to Send It 

Before sending a care package, you need to determine where it should go. The easiest way to obtain a loved one’s mailing address is to simply ask them, but if you want it to be a surprise, there are some other ways to go about it. Make sure to send your care package to a location where you know your recipient will be by the time it arrives.

  • Private Residence — Sending a care package to a private residence is easy. Ask your recipient for their address or, if you want it to be a surprise, get it from someone close to them. If you aren’t comfortable sending your package to a hospital, send it to their residence so they can unbox it when they get home.
  • Hospital or Nursing Home — To send a care package to a hospital or nursing home, you will need to know the patient’s room number. The best way to go about this is to call the patient information desk and ask how to address your gift. Keep in mind the projected length of their stay, as it may be better to send the package to their home if the visit will be short.child receiving GiveAFriend care package
  • Military Base — Want to send a care package to a loved one in the military? You’ll need to ask the soldier or someone close to them for their address. Make sure you know how to format military addresses and always include the soldier’s unit and box numbers in the address field. 

Pick Your Presents and Write a Note

Next, it’s time to pick your presents and craft your message. Selecting the right gift is crucial to a successful care package delivery. Take the time to consider your recipient’s age, interest and circumstances to ensure that you get the biggest possible smile! Here are a few more tips that will help ensure care package success.

  • Use a care package service like SendAFriend. With SendAFriend, you simply pick out the presents from our collection, write a special note and have us do the rest. This way, there’s no need to worry about packing, postage or shipping and you still get to personalize a gift.
  • Send stuffed animals. Cuddly and cute stuffed animals are the perfect comforting gift for sending to anyone you want to give a great, big hug but who’s too far away. Choose a classic teddy bear, a cuddly puppy, a sweet bat or any creature that reminds you of them!
    binks the bat care packagePictured: SendAFriend's Binks the Bat Care Package

  • Include extras. Complete your care package with a few small extras to make the unboxing experience extra special. We’ve put together some joy-inducing care package bundles featuring the fluffy friend of your choice plus accessories like stickers, socks, bracelets, bath goodies and more. Anything that’s comforting or plays into your recipient’s self-care routine will always be a great choice.
  • Avoid anything perishable. As much as we all crave grandma’s homemade soup or fresh-baked cookies, sending perishable items by mail is not always the best choice because they can deteriorate in transit. If you do decide to send a food item, make sure it’s something shelf-stable — like pre-packaged snacks, candy or nuts.
  • Make it personal. Avoid the urge to send something basic, like a generic gift basket or a bouquet of flowers. Send something that reminds you of the person or that you handpicked specifically for them.
  • Don’t forget the note. Your note is the most important part of the care package, as it helps you express love, sympathy or support from the heart. Make your note heartfelt and comforting and be sure to include a personal touch, like an inside joke or a special reference.

There’s no better way to send love and comfort to someone you love than with a personalized care package handpicked just for them! SendAFriend is here to streamline the process and make it enjoyable for both you and your recipient. Send a smile to a friend to spread a little love!

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