6 Thank You Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

sloth and blue cow stuffed animal sitting on table with matching stickers

Did someone go above and beyond to help you? Or even make a small gesture that simply meant the world to you? Let them know that their kindness has not gone unnoticed with a thank you gift. In addition, a thank you gift can tell someone who bent over backwards just how appreciated their selflessness is. Stumped on ideas? Below are clever thank you gift ideas to show your appreciation and gratitude. 

1. A Stuffed Animal Care Package

Care packages are always a great way to send thanks or just say hello. But one of the best thank you gift ideas is a care package that includes a stuffie of their favorite animal. Whether it’s an octopus, a unicorn or a classic teddy bear, cute stuffed animals offer tons of benefits for kids and adults alike. And SendAFriend makes it incredibly easy! Just pick an animal, fill out a personalized “Thank You” note and then choose a few accessories to complete the care package. From socks to stickers and everything in between, you can create a customized care package and we do the rest!

Cooper the Cow stuffed animal with "Someone Loves You" box and notecardPictured: SendAFriend's Cooper the Cow Care Package

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2. A Relaxing Candle and Bath Bombs

One really thoughtful thank you gift idea is a relaxing candle and bath bomb combo so they can take a soak. While this pairing will please just about anyone, it’s the perfect thank you gift for someone who’s no stranger to manual labor. For example, your friend who just helped you move furniture and heavy boxes. Or your mom who filled in as a babysitter for a spontaneous date night. Present whoever it is with a calming scent (think rosemary, lavender or ylang ylang) or to help them unwind — and bath bombs to boot. 

3. A Fresh-Baked Pie

Homemade dishes and fresh-baked goodies are a timeless way to say thanks and show your appreciation. It’s practically why Tupperware was invented. But instead of settling for a casserole, give them something sweet like a fresh-baked pie. Berry cobbler, apple, pumpkin – whatever flavor you think they would love. If they’re in season, bake them a peach pie with a handwritten note that says “Thanks — You’re a Peach!” If you want to take it a step further, bake the pie on a personalized pie plate. 

4. A Charcuterie Board

The opposite side of sweet is a savory charcuterie board. Send them a customized charcuterie board brimming with delicious cheeses, salamis, nuts, jams, mustards and much, much more. With a handwritten note, you can use some clever puns like “I’m Grate-ful for All You Do!” or “Thanks for Getting Me Out of a Jam/Pickle.” It will make them laugh and salivate all at once. If you have a knack for making them, do it yourself! But if not, you can find online shops like TheCheesePlate.com that deliver!

Woman holding Gus the Goat stuffed animal with notecardPictured: SendAFriend's Gus the Goat Care Package

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5. Fresh-Roasted Coffee 

This perky gift idea is along the lines of the candle and bath bombs, but the opposite. If you had a study buddy who just pulled an all-nighter with you, a bag of freshly-roasted coffee from their favorite roaster will not only wake them up, but help you say “Thanks a Latte.” Even if all you do is get them a hot cup the next morning to say thank you, coffee makes a great gift. So get that grande in an insulated mug and deliver it to them in person with heartfelt thanks. Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts and a little bit goes a long way!

6. A Public Shoutout

One thoughtful gift idea to show your appreciation is simply writing it down in a heartfelt card. Why not take it a step further and tell the world what an amazing and selfless person they are? If you think they would be cool with it, give them a public shoutout on social media. Tell everyone how they helped you out or had your back and express your undying gratitude for what they did or how they helped you out every day. Sometimes, a public thank you is all that someone needs to feel appreciated. 

Whatever thank you gift you choose, words can go a long way. If the thank you is for a small task that they helped you accomplish, a funny pun can keep it lighthearted, short and sweet. However, if you are trying to show appreciation for something monumental, express your thanks on a deeper level and let them know how much it truly meant. 

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