3 Customer Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

At SendAFriend, we believe in the power of sending heartfelt gifts to brighten someone's day and create lasting memories. Here are three touching moments of comfort, solace, and joy created through our SendAFriend care packages.

Story 1: A Turtle's Comfort

One customer shared a story about the stuffed turtle they ordered for their sister's birthday. Battling Huntington’s disease, her sister found peace in the gift.

“I flew up to be with my sister a day after she received the gift,” she said. “When I walked into her bedroom, she had the turtle under the side of her head like a pillow. Her care giver told me she got a big smile when she opened the gift from her little sister. The very soft turtle was clutched by Sis as she fell peacefully to sleep. Turtles were her favorite, and it warms my heart to know she found comfort in the gift from ‘Someone Who Loves You’”

Tucker the Turtle stuffed animal with signature box and a cute turtle sticker
Pictured: Tucker the Turtle Care Package

Story 2: Much Needed Rest

During a period of loss and personal struggle, one customer received a soft elephant in a box, accompanied by a loving and wise note from their daughter.

“In the last six weeks, I have lost three people very close to me, my only living sibling had a heart attack, I had a cardiac ablation, and our only son has begun having heart problems. So, when I get this unexpected box in the mail and a soft elephant emerges with a loving and wise note from my daughter, I got the best night of sleep I have in--well, six weeks.”

Eli the Elephant stuffed animal with card and necklace accessory Eli the Elephant stuffed animal with open personalized card
Pictured: Eli the Elephant Care Package

Story 3: A Beacon of Hope

During some overwhelming challenges, another customer found hope through SendAFriend. She received Ollie the Octopus, along with a heartfelt message, which sparked a smile that had been absent for months.

“Today, I smiled for the first time this year,” she said. “My best friend sent me Ollie and the message that describes Ollie was just what I needed to hear. It gave me permission to put myself first for the first time in 43 years. I will never be able to fully explain what Ollie and his card has done for me and I cannot thank you enough for what SendAFriend created. Ollie will definitely be coming with me to surgery day!"

Smiling recipient holding Ollie the Octopus stuff animal care package
Pictured: Ollie the Octopus Care Package

The stories shared above remind us that even a small act of kindness can bring immense joy during challenging times.

Through our carefully packaged stuffed animals and personalized heartfelt messages, we strive to help you create connections and bring warmth to those you love.

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Happiness in a Box!

Five yellow stars

I sent this to my daughter after she was having a bad week. She loved it! I’ve never seen such happiness when someone opened a box. Thank you!!!!

Review verified Sonya Rhodes


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I’ve ordered 4 send a friends now and they always ship and get delivered fast and they are high quality and perfect to make someone’s day!

Review verified David Shore

Love this brand!

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Bought on 3 different occasions from SendAFriend and each time I felt like the best papa in the world. Thank you for offering care packages to send to kids in hospital. SendAFriend is bringing much joy in a world that needs it badly now. Thank you

Review verified Craig Burns