How to Store Stuffed Animals

Rosie the Raccoon stuffed animal with "someone loves you" box and notecard

Pictured: SendAFriend's Rosie the Raccoon Care Package

We all love our stuffed animals. They are adorable, snuggable and offer a sense of comfort and security during times of need. But sometimes, we also need to store them away as we clean up a bedroom or space. But if you have a lot of stuffed animals, where do you store them? 

In this guide, we show you how to store stuffed animals in several different ways, from inside a closet, behind a door or just inside a bin or basket. That way, you can keep your space tidy and free of clutter, knowing your stuffed animals are close by for those times when you just need a good hug.  

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins can be used to store just about anything — including your stuffed animals. If it’s for a child’s bedroom, consider a shelf of colorful bins that can tuck their stuffed animals neatly away quickly when it's time to clean their room. If it’s intended for beloved stuffed animals that hold significance and a special place in your heart, then choose a neutral-hued woven basket made of seagrass or woven felt that features a cloth lining. Choose a basket large enough to hold a cherished quilt or favorite blanket beneath, resting your stuffed animal on top. 

A Storage Ottoman

Another fantastic way to store stuffed animals is with a storage ottoman. Simply place your stuffed animals away inside and out of sight and your room will become clutter-free instantly. And with a soft pillow top, your storage ottoman can double as a bench in the living room or a bedroom — wherever you want to keep your best stuffed animals. Alternatively, you can go the DIY route and make your own storage ottoman by adding a plush seat to a toy box or trunk. You could even give your stuffed animal storage ottoman wheels for extra mobility. 

person holding Beau the Blueberry cow stuffed animal in the airPictured: SendAFriend's Beau the Blueberry Cow Care Package

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In an Over-the-Door Shoe Storage

When deciding how to store stuffed animals, it’s also important to consider where. If you have the floor space for a dedicated bookcase or shelf so you can showcase your favorite stuffed animals, then great! But if not, then you may want to consider how to store stuffed animals in ways that free up room. The best way to do so? Go vertical with an over-the-door shoe storage. Choose a shoe storage with a dozen or so pockets where you can store your smaller stuffed animals. 

In a Hanging Mesh Laundry Organizer

Need more spacious storage compartments for your larger stuffed animals? Then consider a mesh laundry sorter that offers around five individual compartments, each with a porthole-like opening you can reach into. These types of vertical sorters are often used for all sorts of things, from storing clothes to towels and more. Luckily, a tiered mesh organizer like this can be found really easily at your local home goods store. 

If you want your stuffed animal collection out of sight, simply hang it over the back of the bedroom door or from the clothing rod inside a closet. If you want to display them, you can also hang the mesh sorter from a ceiling corner. 

Cradled Inside a Hammock

Another way to free up floor space is by hanging your stuffed animals from the ceiling. Use a rope hammock or even a lightweight fabric hammock made of a durable parachute material and secure it to the ceiling with hooks. 

Better yet – DIY your own hammock using an old bed sheet or knit one out of soft, thick yarn. You can also dress up a hammock with some color fringe to match the room. Line the edges with tassels, fairy lights or even a pennant banner. Just make sure your stuffed animal hammock hangs low enough to reach for your favorites whenever you need them.

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You Can Never Have Too Many Stuffed Animals

However you store your stuffed animals, one thing’s for sure – you can never have too many of them! Stuffed animals offer comfort in times of need and can brighten someone’s day. So send to a friend and spread the love – with one of our Stuffed Animal Care Packages. Or simply get yourself one!

penguin, bat, and wolf stuffed animals on "someone loves you" boxes

Each Care Package comes with a super soft and fluffy stuffed animal and a personalized notecard. Plus, you can choose several add-ons and adorable accessories that go along with your stuffed animal of choice. Choose a favorite animal – like Eli, our elephant stuffed animal – and choose add-ons like stickers and fun socks.

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